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Attach questions in a message
Attach questions in a message

Add a questionnaire in the emails you send to candidates

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When you send an email to a candidate, you're able to add questions for the candidate to answer. The answers will then land straight in this candidate's profile. In this article, you'll see how easy this is done!

Start by heading over the candidate's profile, and go to the Messages tab. In the message composer, you'll see a question mark icon. This is where you add the questions you ask the candidate to answer.

When adding a question, you have to option of selecting from the list of questions added to your account or creating a new question.


When a candidate submits the answers to the attached Questionnaire, you will see the questions and answers on the left-hand side of the candidate's profile, right under Questions.

From the candidate's side

Let's take a look at what this looks like from the candidate's point of view ↓

As with any other email, this is delivered to the candidate's inbox. In emails where questions have been added, the candidate will also see a link to a questionnaire at the bottom of the email. The email will look something like this:

Clicking the Show questions button will take them to a webpage with these questions where they get to answer the questions. When all questions are answered, click submit.

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