You can easily share your candidate's profiles with someone outside of your Teamtailor account. To do so, click the little share icon at the top of the candidate's profile. 

When it comes to sharing a candidate, you have to decide what information to include in the share, and how to share the link.

1. What information to include?

When you share a candidate, you have control over which information to include in the share link. In the sharing module, you will see two levels of information: Global information and Job specific information. We’ll take a closer look at these in a little bit.

Include/Exclude information

By default, all information is selected in the share module. If you want to exclude any information, simply uncheck that section and this is not included.

Global information

Global information is general data about the candidate, so any information that is not linked to a specific job. This information includes any personal information (such as name, email, and phone number), the added pitch, recommendations answers, questions answered when connecting, etc.

Job specific information

Job-specific information is data that belongs to a specific job and includes for example the cover letter and answers submitted in that specific application. You will only be able to include job-specific information for jobs you have access.

❕ When including an Interview kit in a share, the person receiving the share link will be able to fill out feedback from, like this ↓

2. How to share the candidate

You have two options when it comes to how to share the candidate: create a share link and share manually, or share via an email directly in the sharing module.


If you want to share the candidate via email directly in the platform, you click Email. You will then be able to add the Email addresses as well as the content of the email. Click Share and the email is sent to the receivers.


You can also manually share the link, and then you just remain under Link and click Generate share link. You will then be able to access the link by clicking the title of it under the Previous shares section.

Disregarding which sharing method you use, a share link is created. When you share candidates, a share link is generated. This link is valid for 29 days. At any time during this period, you can revoke access to it by clicking Revoke.

The sharing will look something like this, and the external person will be able to leave a comment for the recruitment team to see. The external comment will be displayed as an (external comment) within the candidate's profile:

This is what it will look like under the Notes section of that candidate’s profile:

Share several candidates at once (bulk share)

You can also share several candidate profiles at one time, using the bulk feature. To do this, enable the Bulk select (1), mark the candidates you wish to share (2), and click Share (3) in the bulk action bar appearing at the bottom of the page. Note that the sharing options are a bit more limited when bulk-sharing candidates.

Select the information you want to share, and which email address you wish to share the candidate to.

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