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Share candidate profiles to an external person securely

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You can easily share your candidate profiles with someone outside of your Teamtailor account. To do so, click the little share icon at the top of the candidate profile. 

Include information

When you share a candidate, you have control over which information is included in the share link. In the sharing module, you will see a Global information and Job specific information section. We’ll take a closer look at these in a little bit.

By default, all information is selected in the share module. If you want to exclude any information, simply uncheck that section and this will not be included.

Global information

Global information is general data about the candidate, essentially any information that is not linked to a specific job. This information includes:

  • Personal information (name, email, phone number, and profile picture)

  • LinkedIn (added link to LinkedIn profile)

  • Resume/CV (added by the candidate when connecting)

  • Pitch (added by the candidate when connecting)

  • Locations (added by the candidate when connecting)

  • Answers (answered questions when connecting or sent outside of job context)

  • Recommendations & References (added by the candidate when connecting)

Job specific information

Job specific information is data that belongs to a specific job process, mostly connected to the job application/s made by the candidate. You will only be able to include job-specific information for jobs you have access to. This information includes:

  • Answers (answered questions when applying)

  • Cover letters (added by the candidate when applying)

  • Recommendations & References (added by the candidate when applying)

  • Interview kit* (submitted interview kit feedback from the hiring team and interview kit feedback form available to be filled out by the receiver)

  • Internal documents (documents uploaded in Teamtailor by the hiring team during the job process, not accessible by the candidate)

*When including an interview kit, the receiver will be able to fill out their own interview kit feedback to the right under Interview kit. Once submitted by the receiver, the feedback will be added to the candidate card in Teamtailor.

Interview kit feedback previously filled out in Teamtailor by users in the hiring team will be displayed in the left section if available.

Share the candidate

You have two options when it comes to how to share the candidate, both will generate a share link.


By choosing Link, it will generate a share link that you can send manually outside of the platform. Start by giving the share link a name (only seen internally), choose the data to include and finally click on Generate share link. Under the Previous shares section at the bottom you can access the link by clicking the name or copying it via the three dots → Copy to clipboard.


If you want to share the candidate via an email directly from the platform, you choose Email. This will display an additional section at the bottom of the sharing module where you can add one or several receivers. Simply add each email address (one email per row) and craft the email content. Once everything is set up click Share and the email will be sent to the receiver/s.

For both sharing methods, a share link is always created and can be accessed under Previous shares. Each link is valid for 29 days but can at any time during this period be revoked by clicking the three dots ... → Revoke. Here you also find the option to quickly copy the link.

Anonymize data

Choose to anonymize the data if you want to share a candidate in a more unbiased way. This will hide personal information such as name, email address, and images. Read more about how to work with our anonymous feature in your recruitment process here.

Password protected

For added security when sharing candidates, you can activate password restrictions. This means you set and share a password with the receiver that they enter in order to access the shared candidate information.

When the receiver clicks on the shared link to the candidate, they will be taken to a page where they enter the password. Once the correct password is submitted, they will be able to access the shared candidate data.

Shared candidate view

Once the receiver accesses the link they will be taken to the sharing page containing the candidate data. Here they can review the data as well as leave a comment for the recruitment team to see. This will be displayed as an external comment on the candidate. It will be displayed both under the Activity and Comments section on the candidate profile.

💡 This action will be included in the 'Daily digest with all activity for a job' email for the user that shared this candidate given it was in a job context. Read more about the different notifications here.

Share multiple candidates at once

You can share several candidate profiles at once within a job process or in the candidate bank, using the bulk feature. To do this, enable the Bulk select (1), mark the candidates you wish to share (2), and click Share (3) in the bulk action bar appearing at the bottom of the page.

Note that when bulk-sharing candidates they will be shared as an email. Each share can include up to 20 profiles.

Share candidates automatically

💡 This action will be included in the 'Daily digest with all activity for a job' email for the main recruiter of the job. Read more about the different notifications here.

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