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Handling errors when sending text messages (SMS) to candidate
Handling errors when sending text messages (SMS) to candidate

An overview of SMS errors

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Sometimes a phone number can be invalid and not possible to send SMS messages to. If the phone number is invalid which result in that it’s not possible to communicate through SMS this will be indicated on the candidate profile under the messages tab. When selecting a candidate that have an invalid number the user will have the option to enter a new updated number.

Message couldn’t be delivered

A SMS message can on some rare cases not be delivered, if that’s the case it will appear a notice close to the message indicating this. 

The reason of why a message isn’t delivered could be of different reasons, like it can be seen as SPAM or marketing message if you for example send identical messages to multiple candidates, or contain more than the allowed 1600 characters. 

SMS opt out keywords

Teamtailor handles standard English-language reply messages such as STOP, UNSTOP, UNSUBSCRIBE or CANCEL for incoming SMS messages, in accordance with industry standards. 

When a candidate has opted-out of SMS messages,  a warning will appear below the message bubble.

Here is a list of all of the supported Opt-in/opt-out Keywords:


Any of these STOP keyword replies will prevent a customer from receiving new messages from the phone number they're responding to.


Any of these replies will opt customers back into the SMS messages coming from a Teamtailor.


Either of these replies will return a message informing the customer that they can use the above commands to control the delivery of messages

All supported opt-in/opt-out keywords are case-insensitive and the message should only include the specific opt-out/opt-in keyword to be valid as a keyword.

Contact our support team in the chat or via email for more help. 

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