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Communicate with candidates
Communicate with candidates

Communication is key! Email, SMS, and chat with your candidate, all in one place.

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Attach questions in a messageAdd a questionnaire in the emails you send to candidates
One Inbox for all your messagesLearn about the Inbox feature, where you can see all your ongoing conversations
Creating Message templatesMake communication easy by using email templates
Send bulk messages to several candidates at onceSend a message to more than one candidate at the same time
SMS: supported countriesSMS with your candidates in these locations
Delete a scheduled messageLearn how to stop a scheduled email from being sent
Set up a video meetingRecruit remotely by creating video meetings through Teamtailor
Email personalization with placeholdersEmail placeholders make it easy to personalize automatic
Candidate interaction – talk to your career site visitorsHow does the Candidate Chat work and why should we activate it?
Handling errors when emailing candidateUnderstand what the message state tells you about your email
Set up email campaigns using NurtureNurture the relationship with your candidates
Add Teamtailor to an approved senders listDon't miss out on any important emails sent via Teamtailor, as a jobseeker
Recordable video meetingsAdd the possibility to record a video meeting and generate a transcript