General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new regulation from the EU that went into effect the 25th of May 2018. The GDPR affects every company that handles any personal data within the EU. It's now even more important to handle your candidates' data securely and in accordance to the GDPR.

We are dedicated to make sure you are completely secure with Teamtailor when the GDPR goes into effect. Activate your new settings and features today. If you need help, we are available in the chat, or send us an email.  

A GDPR section in your settings

In the new section you can: 

Appoint GDPR Managers

Decide who the GDPR Managers will be. These people will receive direct notification for all activities regarding candidates' data, for example when a candidate wants their data removed. 

Decide how long you want to keep your candidates and get notified

You decide how long you want to keep your candidates' data depending on if they applied or were sourced by you or your employees. When the set time has passed, they will be marked in Teamtailor and your GDPR Managers will get direct notifications. Then you have the option to ask sourced candidates if you can keep their data. For candidates that have applied (and therefore approved that you're storing their data) you have the option to inform them that you're keeping their data.

Automatically ask/inform candidates about their data

When you have decided which time periods you want to keep the different types of candidates, you can choose to email them automatically. If you activate this feature, emails asking the candidates/informing the candidates will be sent automatically.

Updated Privacy Policy and the option to write your own

With the updated Privacy Policy you make sure that your candidates approve that you're storing their data in accordance with the GDPR, among other things. Do you have your own Privacy Policy that you want to use instead? In our new GDPR section it's easy to change the current one or replace it with another.

Filter and delete

In Candidates you will be able to filter the candidates that no longer have an active permission, have not yet given their permission, or have requested a removal. This way you will get a quick overview of your candidates. 

On the right side you can see a clear overviewsof your candidates and can take action. 

Notifications on the candidate card

Candidates that have applied or connected

Candidates that have applied or connected, have given you permission to store their data by accepting your Privacy Policy. It's up to you to decide when that permission should expire, and when you want to inform the candidate that you are storing their data. When that time has expired, the candidates will be tagged and your GDPR Managers will be notified. You can choose to activate automatic emails as soon as the time has expired.  

Referred and Sourced 

Candidates that have not applied to a job or connected with you, but have been sourced or referred by someone at your company, have not been informed that you are storing their data. Determine how long you want to keep those candidates' data before asking them if you have permission to do so. When that time has expired, you can send an email asking them if you have permission to store their data. If you have gotten permission any other way, you can click "I have permission". 

If you have activated automatic emails in your GDPR settings, this will happen automatically. 

Candidates can easily request removal of data 

With the GDPR candidates will have more control over their own data and who should get access to it. To make sure they easily can request a removal of their data, there's a link available in every automatic email that is sent from Teamtailor, and a link in the footer of every career page. 

Clear overview of candidates that requested removal

When candidates requests a removal of their data from your database, your GDPR Managers will get direct notifications and those candidates will be marked in Teamtailor. 


 Use bulk action to send GDPR emails to candidates

When you select several candidates in the Candidates view, you can click Privacy. That's the bulk action for the GDPR actions, giving you the options to send the GDPR emails to the selected candidates. 

Filter and delete candidates 

Teamtailor makes it possible to easily filter and sort out candidates based on the latest activity or when the candidate last applied. Make your process more efficient by deleting several candidates at once. Delete all candidates that have requested removal with one click. Please note that if you delete a lot of candidates at the same time, it can take a while before all candidates are deleted. 

Share your candidates securely 

Share candidates with external people in a secure way. When you share the candidate's information the link will stop working after 30 days. You will also have the possibility to revoke the link.


 Candidates' references can choose not to participate

When candidates apply for your jobs, they often choose to submit their references. Then an email will be sent to the reference, asking if they recommend the candidate as a colleague. That gives your company a quick overview of the references, and if they choose to recommend the candidate or not. Now the referee can choose not to participate at all. Their information will not be visible on the candidate card until they have chosen to participate (answer Yes or No). This way you will not store their data until it becomes relevant for the recruitment process. 


 And that's not all: 

New internal guidelines

It's important to document and ensure that Teamtailor is following several policies for the GDPR. We have made sure that we are following the guidelines in regards to privacy by design, incident reports and safety routines, among other things. 

Review of all subcontractors 

We have analyzed all of our subcontractors and signed separate agreements with them that regulates the GDPR and ensured that they are following the laws and regulations that applies within the EU.

Continuous legal consultation

We are following the development of the GDPR in the EU and in local markets. We also continuously consult our lawyers.  


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