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Decide how to collect permissions from candidates applying, connecting, and being manually sourced into the system

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When your candidates submit a job application, Connect with your company, or get sourced or referred into the system, data protection laws often require you to provide certain information about how you will process their personal data. In some circumstances, you may also need to collect their consent to your use of their data.

You can use our Collect permissions settings for both of these things.

Have you already begun storing candidates in your account before configuring your permission settings? Learn the process of how to collect and manage their permissions before proceeding with these settings.

For job applications & Connect:

For job applicants and Connect you have two options when collecting permission from the candidates.

1) The permission is collected when the candidates click the 'Submit application' or the Connect button in the application form.
2) The permission is collected by requiring the candidates to check a box before being able to submit their application or Connect with you.

To activate a job application or Connect check box, you simply set the Activate permission checkbox to active:

​Along with that, as seen in the above screenshot, you can also adjust the terms associated with the job application or Connect signup.

💡 'Privacy policy' and 'Company name' serve as placeholders. 'Company name' will reflect the name added under Settings → General → Company and 'Privacy Policy' refers to the Privacy policy added under Settings → Data & Privacy → Privacy policy

Checkbox for future jobs permission:

When candidates submit their application or Connect with you, you have the option to request them to check a box, clearly indicating their willingness to allow the direct use of their data for future job opportunities. The checkbox is not mandatory to be checked before submitting applications or connecting with you.

To collect permission for future jobs, you can toggle on Activate additional checkbox for future jobs permission.

Additionally, as seen in the above screenshot, you can also adjust the terms associated with the future jobs checkbox as described above.

The candidates' perspective

Below you will find examples of how your choices to collect permission will be presented to the candidates:

Job applications ↓

  1. Without permission checkboxes activated

  2. With the Permission checkbox activated

  3. With both the Permission checkbox and the Additional checkbox for future jobs permission activated

Connect ↓

  1. Without permission checkboxes activated

  2. With the Connect permission checkbox activated

  3. With both the Connect permission checkbox and the Additional checkbox for future jobs permission activated

For sourced and referred candidates:

When a candidate is sourced or referred (manually added) to the system, you may not have provided information to (and, when needed, collected consent from) the candidate about the processing of their data.

If you want support in the process of doing so, please follow the instructions below to understand how to collect permission via the system:

1) Choose for how long you will store the candidate's data before the system acknowledges that the permission is missing.

Once this time has passed, the candidates privacy status will be updated to Permission missing, allowing you to collect their permission.

2) Decide how to collect the candidates permission, either automatically or manually.

Automatically: The system will send a Permission request via an opt-in email, as indicated by checking the box shown below:

We automatically give you an email template for this message, but be sure to review it to ensure it aligns with your company's preferences for wording your opt-in message. Click 'Edit email template' to review and update the email.

In case you have activated the Additional checkbox for future jobs permission, the permission request will also include this option.

Manually: The opt-in message for sourced and referred candidates can be triggered manually from the candidate's Data & privacy center by clicking Request permission.

Trigger the opt-in message for several candidates at once using bulk selection under Candidates and choosing Data retention:

Manually Request permission for sourced or referred candidates.

The candidates' perspective

Below, you can see an example of how it looks when automatically collecting permission for sourced and referred candidates.

The opt-in email looks something like this. Note the 'Give permission'- button that's automatically added to the email ↓

In case you have activated the Additional checkbox for future jobs permission, candidates will be asked to give this permission after granting the initial permission to process their data ↓

Permission missing status

The status of whether a candidate has given or not given permission can be found in the Data & privacy center for candidates. You will find this by going to the candidate in question and clicking More in the action bar.

If a candidate has not yet given their initial permission or their permission to be considered for future job openings, the candidate status will also change and they will be marked as Permission missing.

Read more about the different privacy statuses in this article.

If you are relying on the candidate's consent for your use of their personal data, applicable data protection laws may require you to phrase the permission a specific way. For this reason, we always recommend that you co-operate with your legal counsel when deciding how to phrase the permission text.

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