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Data & privacy center for candidates
Data & privacy center for candidates

Get a better overview of all things related to your candidate's data storage permission and privacy

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With the Data & privacy center on your candidate's profile, it's easy for you to ensure that you have all the permissions you need.

When all the permission-related topics are alright, the button is gray. Just like this 👆And if there are any permission or privacy-related warnings for a candidate, this button will instead be displayed with a warning icon with a summary of the warnings. Clicking on that button will open up the Data & privacy report for that specific candidate.

Data & privacy report

In this view, you will get a detailed overview of all things related to this specific candidate's permission settings, including the different permission sections and their status. If there are any warnings, these are displayed at the very top in yellow.

Looking closer at this report, you see the 4 different permission sections. These are the following: permission, future job consent, removal requested, and automatic deletion.

1. Permission: see when the candidate's permission to store their data expires. You can also Renew it using the buttons (using the GDPR settings you've added).

2. Future jobs permission: if you enabled this setting for future jobs permission, the candidate permission will be displayed here.

3. Removal requested: if your candidate submitted a removal request, the date of the removal request will be displayed here. You will also be able to remove the candidate right away by clicking Remove candidate.

4. Automatic deletion: if the candidate will be automatically removed according to your settings this will be displayed here along with the reason for removal.

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