The Audit log will keep track of activities in the system. This makes it easier to follow up on different actions taken on candidates in an environment where many recruiters are involved with the same job process. 

Activating the Audit log

Enabling this feature is a few clicks away, you start by adding the feature to your account under Add-on features→Audit log.

After this activation, you can find the Audit Log under Settings→Data & Privacy→Audit log.

By default the retention period will span 15 days, you can manually increase the period up to 30 days (contact your contact person or our support team if you want a longer retention period). 

How does it work?

The Audit log will display who did what and when. The log will for an example show the name of the user that updated a specific candidate and the time of the activity. See an example of how the Audit log looks like when activated below:

List of events in the Audit log

Following you will see a list of all the events that will be recorded in the audit log. 

Audit log

  • create


  • destroy

  • referred - when creating a referral

  • sourced - if candidate was sourced into the candidate bank

  • update - if anything was updated on the candidate

  • extend-consent - when automatically renewing consent

  • share - creating a share link for a candidate

  • export

  • print


  • update

  • save_as_draft

  • activate

  • resume - resume the progress of a campaign

  • pause - 

  • archive - 

  • destroy


  • create

  • destroy

  • update 


  • create

  • destroy

  • update 

  • resend-invitation 

  • admin-login

  • bulk-export

  • bulk-share 

  • bulk-delete

  • bulk-print

  • bulk-invite

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