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Partner: Appogee HR (HR system)

Learn how to activate Appogee HR in Teamtailor

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This integration has been developed by Appogee HR. Contact us at for support.

Setting up the Teamtailor Integration

You can integrate Teamtailor with Appogee HR to benefit from the following:

  • Notifications when a candidate has been hired in Teamtailor

  • Import hired candidates into Appogee HR to set them up as new employees

The integration will require you logging into both Appogee HR and Teamtailor at the same time, if you have 2 screens, it is recommended you put both the screens side by side for ease of configuration.

To set up the Teamtailor Integration, go to System Config > Teamtailor from within Appogee.

Step 1 (from Appogee) - About

The first page will give you an overview of the Teamtailor integration - read through the information and click Get Started.

Step 2 - Activate Integration

In order to connect the two systems, you will need to enable the Integration in Teamtailor also.

Follow the steps on the screen:

Copy the Integration Key from Appogee HR by clicking on the clipboard icon.

Log into Teamtailor and click on your Company name in the top corner of your account and select Marketplace from the dropdown menu.

Search for Appogee HR in the Marketplace.

Open the card and click Activate.

In the dialog box, paste the Integration Key you copied from step 1 and click Update.

The integration is now switched on.

Step 3 - Triggers

Triggers are needed to automate the creation of your users from Teamtailor into Appogee HR.

We recommend you set up your triggers on the Default Job Template.

In Teamtailor go to Settings > Job Templates.

Click Edit default job template.

Go to Stages.

Choose the stage on which you would like to set up the trigger. (This means that when a candidate gets moved to this stage, the candidate information will be sent to Appogee HR).

On the stage chosen, click on + Stage Actions and then on Triggers.

From the list of Triggers displayed, click on Send Webhook: Appogee HR.

Click on Add Trigger.

For information on how to set up triggers per Job or Job Template, take a look at the following article: Teamtailor - Triggers.

Once you have set up your Triggers in Teamtailor,go back into Appogee HR and click Complete Setup.

You will then see a confirmation page.

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