When using Teamtailor you can integrate many of the top HR services in the industry, making Teamtailor your one-stop shop.

Test providers

If you want to incorporate pre-employment testing for your candidates, these are the parters we are working with: 

Master HR

Master HR offers international psychometric test tools, helping you to collect relevant psychometric data to make evidence-based decisions in your recruitment. 


HackerRank is a technology hiring platform, helping you to assess developer skills by objectively evaluating talent. 

Cut-e (Aon Assessment solutions) 

Aon's talent assessments offers you to work with objective measurement of candidate information, using AI and psychometric testing. 

Criterion Psycruit

Criterion Psycruit enables you to make assessment campaigns for recruitment and development process. You can choose assessments from a suite of online psychometric tests including: ability tests, personality questionnaires and situational judgement tests.

Psykologisk Metod (Swedish)

With our Swedish partner Psykologisk Metod, you can enable researched based and qualitative testing for your recruitment processes.

Design an efficient and talent centric recruitment process based on the latest research and evidence in order to find the candidates with the best role and team fit for your company.

Cubiks helps organisations to better understand their people, predict performance and achieve great results through a versatile portfolio of personalised talent management solutions.

Assessio helps create engaging, productive and profitable organizations

People management systems/HR systems

Add your new hires right in to your HR system directly from Teamtailor. Today we are working with these partners:

Sympa HR software manages all of your HR data in a single, powerful solution for easy analysis and reporting.


HiBob offers a people management platform that helps fast-growing companies attract, excite, and retain their people through data-driven HR tools.


PeopleHR is a web-based software system crafted by HR experts, providing cutting-edge tools for tackling HR admin. 


BambooHR is a HR software system, designed with small and medium sized businesses in mind. 

Candidate NPS

By taking a look at the candidates Net Promoter Score (NPS), you could improve your recruitment process and candidate experience with input from the people with the that matters the most: your candidates. 


Use Trustcruits candidates HR analytics tools to collect candidate feedback automatically from your recruitment process, and improve your recruitment process



We're an employee referral platform working to make it easier to recruit your next colleague


irecommend is a unique and automized digital solution for employee referral. It makes the recruitment cheaper, easier and more accurate.



Zinc puts scalable reference checking solutions in place. It offers unique candidate insights and saves time through it's automated referencing tools. All whilst improving your candidate journeys by empowering applicants with blockchain-backed data 


Refapp is a web-based tool that gives you full control of your reference checking. We help you to streamline, structure, increase the validity and GDPR-comply the reference checks in your recruitment processes.


Oneflow offers an all-in-one e-contract platform with integrated e-signing tool. With Oneflow, you can e-sign documents online securely and legally.

Video Interviews

Visiotalent offers recruiters video and live video maintenance solutions in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode to help them find the best talent.

Using a partner that's not in this list? With our API's you can integrate with any system of your choice. You can also make a wish to support@teamtailor.com 

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