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Get started with Teamtailor
Get started with Teamtailor

Teamtailor Onboarding: A handy starter guide to set you up for success from your first day with Teamtailor.

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Welcome to Teamtailor 👋

We've got you covered with a simple and smooth onboarding process. Let's make your onboarding experience amazing from day one! 🚀

Activation Phase

Welcome to the Activation Phase, the first phase of onboarding. This is completed in 2 or 3 steps via specific carefully curated webinars every week. These webinars will cover the basics of Teamtailor and support the configuration of your ATS platform.

The three webinars for the activation phase will cover several topics:

For North American time zone:

💡 Split your Team to attend the webinars specific to their function, e.g., the Hiring Team to join the second session and the Marketing team for the third.

Did you miss the live webinar? Catch it on-demand 🤩

⚡️Quick start: Get ready to post your first job in Teamtailor in 7 steps

  • Set up General Settings

  • Add departments

  • Add locations

  • Connect

  • Add and customize your message templates

  • Data & Privacy

  • Content & Career Site

Step 1: Setting up Departments & Roles

Working with departments is a great way to organize your entire Teamtailor account. This applies to both the recruiters working in Teamtailor and the candidates applying for the positions. 🗂️

Step 2: Setting up Locations

Working with Locations in Teamtailor is an excellent way to organize job postings. This applies to both the recruiters working in Teamtailor and the candidates applying for the different positions.

Step 3: Set up Connect

For your potential future candidates who might still need to be ready to apply for a job, we created Connect. With Connect, the candidate can tell you that they're curious about your company and which Department, Role, and location they're interested in, as well as subscribe to future job openings based on their choice. You'll have a (potentially amazing) addition to your candidate bank. Win-win! 🏆

Step 4: Creating Message templates

Here's to efficiency! Why write emails you often send, time and time again, when you can use email templates? Email templates are a great way to save time and make it easier for your users to follow your communication guidelines.

Step 5: Data and Privacy

Ensuring data compliance is a top priority for us. We understand that handling personal data within the EU comes with specific responsibilities. Our platform is built with features that make it easy for your company to stay compliant with EU regulations. Rest assured, we've got you covered regarding data protection.

Our tools are designed to simplify the compliance process, allowing you to focus on your business while we handle the legal aspects. Your peace of mind is our goal.

Step 6: Content & Career Site

Create an engaging career site that captivates potential candidates. Showcase your company culture through compelling visuals and authentic stories. Feature testimonials from satisfied employees to demonstrate the positive experiences within your organization. Incorporate interactive elements to keep visitors involved and interested.

Ensure clear and concise job information is easily accessible. Highlight growth opportunities to showcase the potential for career development. With these strategies, you can create a career site that attracts and engages top talent.

Step 7: Go live

Ready to embark on your Teamtailor journey? Start small, have fun, and make progress! Take that first step towards a simple Teamtailor configuration, and watch as you build and expand from there. Enjoy the adventure ahead and unleash your potential!

To go live, contact our fantastic support team over the chat and let them know you're ready to make it happen! They'll be there to guide you every step of the way. Let's do this!

What does going live mean?

After going live with your first job, you'll notice that your job has automatically been forwarded to the following channels: Indeed + Glassdoor Job Posting, Google Jobs Job Posting & Jooble. To activate these channels, you'll need to ask support to go live.

Read more here:

Overview of the free channels

Educate your users - training sessions

Take your Teamtailor experience to the next level through our user training sessions. Join our weekly hiring manager and recruitment lead training for insights on job creation, candidate management, and more. Additionally, our monthly admin training provides in-depth knowledge of various Teamtailor features. Empower yourself with knowledge and make the most of Teamtailor!

Training for Hiring Manager: Let's start using Teamtailor - every Friday at 2pm (CET), 30 minutes.

Training for Recruitment Leads: Let's start using Teamtailor - every Thursday at 2pm (CET), 30 minutes.

Best practice - Admin Training - Monthly Webinars.

Did you miss a live training? Catch it on-demand 🤩

Step 8: Unlock the Full Potential of Teamtailor!

Congratulations on reaching this important step in your Teamtailor journey. Now it's time to fully unleash the platform's power by expanding your usage and exploring additional features. Step 8 is where you can dig deeper into Teamtailor's offerings, discovering new tools, integrations, and customization options. Let's explore how you can unlock the true potential of Teamtailor.

  • In the Feature center, under ✨ Add-on features in your company menu, we present the features you can use to power up your Teamtailor game.

  • When using Teamtailor, you can integrate many of the top HR services in the industry, making Teamtailor your one-stop shop. Check our Marketplace to see the partners we are working with today. 🤝

  • Explore our Best Practice Webinars for Teamtailor tips and inspiration to elevate your product knowledge.🧑‍✈️


What is the Activation Phase?

These webinars are a vital part of your onboarding journey at TeamTailor. They are designed to help you become familiar with TeamTailor and effectively set up your ATS platform.

What do you need on your end?

First of all, we’d recommend you assign a Project Manager to lead the project from your company - our main contact point - who will be ready to learn and collaborate with your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). This Project Manager will be directly involved in the ‘Activation Phase’ and steer the project during Onboarding.

Who conducts the Webinars?

Each week, one of our skilled Onboarding Specialists will lead these webinars. These specialists excel at helping customers start smoothly and complete their onboarding process. They have extensive experience working with clients from different industries and organizations of all sizes. They are well-informed about the latest product details and useful tips for successful onboarding!

How long does the onboarding process at TeamTailor typically take before I can use the platform?

We strive to accommodate your specific timeline needs. While for some clients, onboarding and going live can take just a matter of days, for others, it may extend slightly beyond 3 weeks. The exact duration depends on factors like your admin team's availability, project manager's support, and the resources at hand. On average, most clients typically complete the process in around 2 to 3 weeks.

Who can I raise questions with during the Activation Phase?

The Support Team will be ready to answer your questions during the ‘Activation Phase’. Use the pink chat widget (pink envelope in the bottom right-hand corner of the ATS) for a super fast answer, or alternatively, send your questions to this email:

Which other departments will we need support from during Onboarding?

It depends if you want to use the following tools:

  • SSO (Single Sign On). A secure tool to automate access and create users in your account with your existing corporate credentials. You will need to send this article with instructions to your IT department and let them contact our support team to set it up ( or support chat on the platform ).

  • Your career site. If a Marketing team is designing your career site, they can jump straight into Webinar Number 3 - Create your career site on Wednesdays or they can watch this pre-recorded video link. Every detail about the content tool is described in the video.

  • GDPR or Privacy settings. Do you know if your legal team needs to set up your data and privacy terms? This video describes how to set your privacy policy in Teamtailor.

Are you going to integrate with third party apps?

If your integration is listed in our Marketplace, please visit our help center to search for the related support article that covers the setup -

Do you need a data migration from your existing ATS into Teamtailor?

Data import is a paid service which should be discussed with your Sales Representative.

Our developers will take care of the import for you, and it takes up to 4 weeks for the import to be performed.

Who else will be attending these webinars?

These webinars are live sessions, so you'll be attending them alongside other TeamTailor customers. This provides an excellent opportunity for collaboration and allows for a wide range of questions to be asked. It's a valuable way to receive additional guidance and insights from different perspectives within the community.

Will you be able to ask questions?

Absolutely! We encourage and recommend you to ask questions during the webinars. You can use the chat for written questions. Still, you'll also be able to speak directly to the Onboarding Specialist in the webinar, providing you with a more interactive and personalized experience.

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