The Teamtailor AI robot helps out by parsing, detecting, and recommending applicants. When an application feels promising, it will be marked with a robot icon.

How it works 

Based on the history of almost a million anonymized applications, the robot learned how to separate a promising application from the rest based on the information added to an application. 

An example of what the robot is looking for is: if a CV, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile is attached if the candidate is connected if the candidate left a pitch, etc.

Find your promising candidates

In the job process, the candidates with the most promising applications based on the AI robots intelligence will be marked with the robot 🤖 

Actions with Smart move triggers

To make sure your highlighted 🤖-candidates won't get lost in the process, you can apply Smart move. For example, you could set it up so that all these candidates automatically go from the stage Inbox to Reviewing. 

This anonymous and data-driven approach to talent acquisition produces fair results and encourages unbiased decision-making.

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