In the Feature center, under ✨ Add-on features in your company menu, we present the features you can use to power up your Teamtailor workflow. Click on a feature to learn more about it, and you’ll be able to request on of your Company admins to enable it.

By clicking on a feature you'll find more information to learn more about it. Your Company admins can activate/disable features for the account and all other users can request the activation. When requesting an activation, your Company admins receives a notification.

If the feature is disabled in the Feature center, it won’t be displayed under your Settings tab.

These are the features you can add on:

Recruit & Analyze

Work smarter and more efficiently in your recruitment

Job offers

Sourcing extension

Restricted access

Limit access to specific candidates


Check your candidates references directly in Teamtailor

Interview kits

Coordinate what information is needed and how to conduct the interviews

AI suggestions

Allow the AI to identify which candidates are considered top applications

External Recruiters

Invite your external recruiters to help you find the best candidates


Automate your recruitment process


Create and send surveys to your candidates to get necessary data

Multiple languages

Attract and communicate with your candidates in different languages

Additional Candidate info

Allow your candidates to be personal when applying

Custom reject reasons


Improve the relationship with your candidates

Transparent recruiting

Give your candidates insight on their status in your recruitment process


Engage candidates with personal email campaigns

Candidate Chat

Enable a chat on your career site to start talking to your candidates effortlessly and instantly


Send SMS to your candidates

NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Get insight in your candidate experience

Career site widgets


Our enterprise feature


Requisition Flow*

Use requisitions before publishing job ads and streamline your recruitment

SSO (Single Sign On)*

Allow your team to log in to Teamtailor using your existing corporate credential

Audit Log

Keep track of activities in the system

Enterprise calendar

LinkedIn RSC

Internal Recruitment

Post your job ads internally to your colleagues

Job offer approvals

* these features can't be enabled directly in the Feature center. Reach out to your contact person or to our support team if you want to start using these!

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