The logo is in the top of your career site and will present your company to the candidate. This is how you choose which logo you'll use to represent your company ✨ 

This is the logo of the career site

This is the icon that shows the logotype of your company and it will follow through all of the pages the candidate navigates, allowing the candidate to have the option to click on the icon and always come back to career site.

You can find where to set up the logo when you click on Content -> Career site -> Edit -> Global Design

You can also go direct from Content -> Career site -> Global Design.

Adding the logotype 

When you click on Global Design you'll see this view in the picture below. This is where you add/change your logotypes, simply click on the picture area to do this. You'll notice that there’s two different kinds of logotypes:


The logo added here is the default logotype. This will be used in external communication (added to emails, as well as used for some external promotions), so make sure it looks good on a white background. 

Optional career site logotype 

You can also have an Optional career site logotype, which will only be displayed on your career site. This logotype will not be included in any external communication. 

Design of the logotype 

You can choose between two different styles of your logotype in the header of your career site, Transparent or Circle


The transparent logo is displayed right on top of the cover area, and is published with the size 200x80px.


When using the circle layout, your logo is added inside a white circle. The circle has the size 90x90px and the logo is adjusted to fit in it. 

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