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Highlight key numbers on your career site

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With the Infographics block, you can display some statistics in a effortless way. This block contains some of the most commonly used charts and is perfect to use to highlight some numbers on your career site and content pages.

Add an Infographic block

Start by heading over to your career site's content editor, and access the page where you'd like to add the block. Add the new block by accessing the Block library in the left corner of your editor, and selecting Infographics. You can work with five different chart styles: Bar, Number, Line, Area, and Doughnut. You can add as many charts as you'd like in the block.

In this example, we wanted the candidate to get to know the team a little bit better. This looks something like this:

Add charts to your block

Start by giving your chart a title, and decide which chart is suitable for this dataset. You can choose between a few different chart styles. One block can contain as many charts as you see fit.


The chart is based on the datasets you add. Add the data you want to display in this chart. To add a new dataset, just click the plus at the bottom of the last set.

One dataset contains:
Label: the name of this specific dataset
Value: the numeric value
Color: the color that will represent this dataset

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