The Workplace & Culture block is a great way to let your visitors know more about you as an employee. The block consists of image carousel next to a text block, and looks something like this:


The block contains a text section, and an image carousel. The Background color of the Workplace & Culture block is taken from the Secondary background in your global design. The secondary background is used across the site to stand out.

Text section

You can write a title and a body text like displayed in screenshot below. There isn’t really any limit to how much body text you can add, but try to keep it short and sweet.

Image carousel

In the image carousel, you can add up to six images to be displayed in a carousel. You add the images by clicking Add images. The images are placed in ratio 3:2, ex: 1200x800, 600x400.

Add the block to your main career site

You can add the Workplace & Culture block to your main career site (the home page).

To add the block, start by going to Content and selecting your Home page(1) -> Select the little plus sign at the bottom(2) -> Choose Workplace & Culture(3)

Note❗ The Workplace & Culture block is automatically added to all job ads if the section/block is added to the career site, as a way to ensure that your visitors knows all the right information when deciding to apply for the job. It's not possible to remove it from the job ads.

Add the block to Campaign pages

The Workplace & Culture block currently can't be added as a default block to a campaign page but there’s a workaround if that’s what you want to do.

Let’s talk about how!

So, what you need to do is to first add the block to your home page (as mentioned right above here). Then, you just go ahead and make the block global. This will then mean that you can re-use the block on any campaign page.

Read more about making the block global and adding it to a campaign page here:

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