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Content block: Workplace & Culture
Content block: Workplace & Culture

Showcase your workplace culture

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The Workplace & Culture block is a great way to brag about your companies culture, to let them know more about life working with you. The block consists of text, and upp to six images that will be displayed in a carousel.

You can write a title and body text displayed in the screenshot above. There isn’t really any limit to how much body text you can add, but try to keep it short and sweet.

Besides the text, you have the option of adding up to six images that will be displayed. Add the images by clicking Add images. Pssst! The images are placed in ratio 3:2, ex: 1200x800, 600x400.

Want to change the colors of the block? Head over to the block adjustments and add the colors of your choosing. Your secondary color is the default background color of the block.

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