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Connect Teamtailor with your LinkedIn Recruiter account

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Recruiter System Connect (RSC) is an integration that allows you to connect your LinkedIn recruiter account with your Teamtailor account. Utilizing this integration to streamline your workflow between LinkedIn and Teamtailor, you will be able to:

In Teamtailor:

  • Export basic profile information from LinkedIn to create/update your candidate's profile

  • See your LinkedIn InMail history, as well as the notes within the candidate's profile

  • Access a link directly to your candidate's LinkedIn profile

In LinkedIn Recruiter:

  • See an In-ATS indicator for the LinkedIn members that you already have added to Teamtailor (including info on previous applications etc)

Set it up

The RSC is setup requires setup from your Teamtailor account as well as your LinkedIn account

In your Teamtailor account

❗️Only users with Admin access both on Teamtailor and LinkedIn Recruiter can activate this integration

To enable LinkedIn RSC, simply select it from your Marketplace. You'll find it under the category Other.

After enabling the activation (that only requires you to click the button, nothing more), you will be redirected to the settings page which looks like so:

From here, you click Enable LinkedIn RSC. This will open a LinkedIn window that will allow you to log in and set up the integration:

In your LinkedIn Recruiter account

When you've followed the steps above, head over to your LinkedIn Recruiter page. Here, click your avatar and navigate to the Product Settings where you'll find an ATS tab (you can also follow this link). Click Edit on the activated integration, and set it up. For more detailed steps regarding setting up LinkedIn part, check LinkedIn Guide

When this is sorted, and you head back to your Teamtailor settings, you will see the RSC connector looking something like this:

Using the RSC

First global sync

After enabling LinkedIn RSC, all current data should be synced automatically. For big companies, this process can take more than one day.

If the sync where to encounter any errors, reach out to and we will help you.

Daily usage

Data flow from Teamtailor to LinkedIn

All the data syncs almost instantly (up to 2-10 minutes). The following data is synced to the LinkedIn from your Teamtailor account:

  • Jobs

  • Candidates

  • Job applications

  • Interviews (scorecards and reviews)

  • Comments

  • Stages

There will be also a new section in the candidate modal with LinkedIn profile plugin. It contains a lot of LinkedIn candidate data which we don't store on our system.

If the LinkedIn profile plugin says "candidate not matched”, it means that our system could not sync this candidate to the LinkedIn RSC, or have not sync this candidate yet. Typical reason is that one of the following fields are missing:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

After updating a candidate, syncing with LinkedIn may take few minutes.

Worth to notice

When a job is published in Teamtailor, it should also appear in the LinkedIn search. You can disable this by going to your Teamtailor account, under Settings→LinkedIn RSC and toggling Make all jobs private on LinkedIn.

All synced data will appear in the LinkedIn candidate under the tab ATS.

Data flow from LinkedIn to Teamtailor

Since LinkedIn does not provide instant sync, we sync all the data in a 2 hour interval. Data that we sync from LinkedIn is as follows:

  • LinkedIn global notes (only with the global scope)

  • InMail messages

When the candidate agrees to share their personal data in the InMail, we will try to sync both the email and phone number of this candidate. If those fields are empty, they will be replaced. If not, they are always visible as an action in the "activities" tab.

Export candidate from LinkedIn to Teamtailor

If you want to export a candidate from LinkedIn into your Teamtailor account, expand candidate options and select Export to ATS, as shown in the picture below. Then, type the job name you want to source a candidate in the Job name field.

Note! If you don't enter a job title, the autocomplete feature of the Job name field may be empty (it only shows recent job searches).

⚠️ This integration is not fully owned and managed by Teamtailor.

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