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General company settings

Choose the default settings for your Teamtailor account

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Under Settings → Company → General you set the foundation for your Teamtailor account. Please note that only Company Admins have access to this page.


Start by naming your Teamtailor account. This will be visible to your users and candidates when communicating with them. It will also be used externally on your career site and when promoting jobs on the free job boards.


Choose a default timezone set for your users, which can be overridden by the user by choosing their own timezone in their Account settings.

Time format

This will be the default time format used for your users unless they have chosen their own preference in their Account settings. This setting is used for displaying time and scheduling meetings in the platform.


Here you set the default language used in the platform, which can be overridden by the user depending on their preference. Teamtailor is currently available in over 20 different system languages! 🗺️

Career Site Manager

Every account needs a Career Site Manager. This person will be listed as the person in charge of your Teamtailor account and the default sender of messages to candidates, if no other user is applicable. This is also the person we would contact if we need to reach your company. Please note that only a user with a Company Admin role can be added as a Career Site Manager.

Privacy Managers

Here you will be able to point out one or several Privacy Managers. The Privacy Manager/s can enable notifications for activities regarding candidates' data, and they are the ones we will contact in case of an incident affecting your data. By default, the Career Site Manager will be set as a Privacy Manager, but this can be changed to any user in your account regardless of role.


Here you can choose within which industry you are operating at your company.

This is important to set if you are using the LinkedIn RSC integration to make sure your jobs are published within relevant categories.

Meeting visibility

This setting allows you to control what information should be included in the calendar event details sent out to your users for meetings booked in Teamtailor.



Example (Google Calendar)

Default visibility

The calendar event description will include:

  • Candidate name

  • Job title
    (if the meeting was booked within a job process)

  • Location
    (where the meeting will take place)

  • Link to video meeting
    (if video service has been chosen as location)

  • Link to meeting details (the event details added on the candidate card in Teamtailor)

No candidate names in invite

The default calendar event description will not include the name of the candidate.


The default calendar event description will only be visible for participants, the event is added as Private in the calendar.

After changing from the default setting all new meetings will get this visibility. Pre-existing meetings can be changed manually by editing the meeting.

Data processing region

At the very bottom of the page, you will see your data processing region. In short, this refers to where your data is being stored and processed by Teamtailor.

Here and also linked underneath the setting, you can read more about our different regions for data processing.

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