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Let your candidates apply to your jobs using their LinkedIn profile

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Apply with LinkedIn is a plugin that you can activate for your account, making it possible for your candidates to apply to your job postings using their LinkedIn profiles. 

Enable Apply with LinkedIn

If you have Corp LinkedIn Recruiter or Paid Job Slots LinkedIn accounts, you can enable this integration in just a few steps. Start by heading over to the Marketplace and activate this feature (you find this under Partners All).

Then, go to Settings→Integrations→Apply with LinkedIn.  

Here, flip the toggle on (1) and click Setup LinkedIn partnership and select the contract you want to use. Then, click Request (2) to enable the feature and follow the instructions. You'll see a Your integration has been success (3) message when the connection is made. Lastly, go back and just make sure that Apply with LinkedIn has been Enabled (4)

Once this is done, your candidates can apply with their LinkedIn profiles on all your jobs!

How it works 

After you've setup the partnership with LinkedIn, your candidates can choose to apply to your job postings with their LinkedIn profile by clicking Apply with LinkedIn. By doing so, their information will automatically be filled in. They will also have the option to import their LinkedIn profile, so you can see their work experience and education. 

The candidate is able to edit the imported info, by clicking the Edit button above the CV from LinkedIn. 

Candidate profile

In the candidate's profile in your Teamtailor account, you will see the imported LinkedIn profile as well as a link to the profile over at LinkedIn. Like this:


"There seems to be a problem"

When going to the Settings→Apply with LinkedIn, you might see the error message below. If you see this, it might be so that your LinkedIn profile lacks the right access to view the content. The integration might still be up and running as it should, as long as your colleague with the right access made the integration. 

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