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Navigate Teamtailor faster using the quick navigation
Navigate Teamtailor faster using the quick navigation

Speed up your workflow with powerful shortcuts and commands

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Simply type Command + J (Control + J on Windows), or click the magnifying glass in the top right off the screen to quickly navigate in your account.

What is quick navigation?

You might already be familiar with command palettes from tools like Slack or Apples Spotlight search. Quick navigation in Teamtailor is also using keyboard-first interactions to make your daily work simpler and faster 🚀

How do you use it?

From any view, you can open the quick navigation by using the short command Command + J on Mac and Control + J on Windows and start typing to go from point A to B. Perfect when you know where you’re heading and want to reduce the amount of clicks getting there.

Working with multiple jobs? Quickly jump between them without going via the Jobs tab. You can also preform actions from anywhere, things like adding a candidate or inviting a new team member.

Search filters

Search filters narrow the scope of what you’re looking for in Teamtailor. You can select one of five filters just below the search field to show only one type of results: Jobs, Candidates, Pages, Actions and Views. You will also see recent visits and searches to keep relevant things nearby.


Keyboard shortcuts inside the quick navigation help you navigate Teamtailor with minimal effort. Here you’ll see a table with the shortcuts available:





Command (⌘) + K

Control (Ctrl) + K


↑ ↓

↑ ↓


← →

← →


Open in career site (Jobs & Pages)

⌘ + Shift + ⏎

Control (Ctrl) + Shift + ⏎

Open in new tab

⌘ + ⏎

Control (Ctrl) + ⏎




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