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Make it easier to target a specific section with CSS using custom wrappers

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When editing the career site's content using your own code you can make it easier to target a specific content section with the style options available in the different sections, allowing to create a custom wrapper that you then can use in your CSS in global design. Keep in mind that this feature requires some coding skills.

Creating a custom class for a content section

In order to work with custom wrappers on the career site, a wrapper class needs to be created first. To do so, head over to the section you'd like to target with your code and click + Style options:

After that you'll be able to name the class by typing in the name of choice. Underneath it you'll see what exact custom wrapper to use in the styling code in Global design.

All content changes using custom wrappers together with custom CSS are free to use by our customers, however, please note that since this is a custom styling done by you as a customer, you are responsible for the way it looks and works.

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