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Cookies: How to inform and collect consent
Cookies: How to inform and collect consent

Make sure your career site complies with the legal requirements on use of cookies

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In this article, you will learn about cookies and how we help you to comply with relevant cookie regulations 🍪🥠

What do the cookie rules say?

In many parts of the world, you can’t set cookies and other tracking technologies on a website visitor’s device unless and until the visitor has received clear and comprehensive information about the use of cookies on the site, in easy-to-understand language, and given their consent to their use.

Cookies that are necessary for the website to function are usually exempted from the consent requirements.

In order for the visitors’ consent to cookies to be valid, they need to be able to withdraw or adjust their consent at any time, and in a way that is as easy as providing the consent to begin with.

How do we help you comply?

In your role as a data controller, we help you comply with the cookie information requirements by providing a template Cookie Policy for the career site. We also provide a three-layered consent mechanism to support in collecting your visitors’ consent to the use of cookies.

Collect cookie consent in the three layers

1. An initial layer of information, where the user can choose to accept all cookies or disable all cookies that aren’t strictly necessary, or provide a more granular consent via Cookie preferences:

2. A second layer (Cookie preferences), where the visitor can read more about each category of cookies that is used on the site. Presented categories will vary based on what categories of cookies you will use. The visitor can also choose to decline or accept all cookies that aren’t strictly necessary, or provide a more granular consent:

💡 To ensure that a visitor can withdraw or adjust their consent at any time, the link “Manage Cookies” is always available in the footer of the career site or via the Data & Privacy-page, allowing the visitor to withdraw their consent in just one click.

What do you need to do?

1. Pick your preferred type of cookie consent banner

Go to Settings → Data & Privacy → Cookies and choose whether to collect your career site visitors’ consent to your use of cookies.

If you opt to collect their consent, there are two different ways to do so:

Standard cookie bar

This setting adds a bar at the bottom of the career site, and allows the visitors to use the site even with the bar on their screen.

Full screen takeover

An overlay appears on the career site, and prevents the visitors from using the site until they have made a choice.

If you choose not to collect visitors' consent, you simply pick the option Disabled. All cookies are automatically considered accepted by visitors.

2. Complete the Cookie Policy by listing cookies that are used

As a part of providing the career site on your behalf, Teamtailor sets some Strictly necessary cookies that enable the site to function properly.

We also set some Analytics cookies to provide you with insights in Analytics, which is an important part of the service.

Marketing cookies by third parties might be set by using some of the following optional features; Apply with LinkedIn, Social widgets content block, addition of Google Analytics, and the inclusion of YouTube or Vimeo videos within a job ad or on your career site.

You can add these feature-specific cookies to the list in the Cookie Policy by enabling the group of cookies to which they belong as shown in the image below:

Please note that the cookies that are set by adding your Facebook/Meta Pixel to Teamtailor are included in the Cookie Policy automatically.

👋 If you use a feature without activating the related groups of cookies, the system will automatically suggest that you should add/activate the cookie in the settings for the Cookie Policy. Like this:

Are you adding your own cookie(s) or want to detail the feature-specific cookies?

You are able to add additional cookies to the Cookie Policy by clicking on + Add Cookie in the relevant category. When doing so, you will be asked to fill in relevant information about the cookie, such as name, vendor, description, and duration.

If you want to add custom scripts to your career site that also will set cookies in the visitor's browser, you can make sure you collect consent to set them, by following these instructions: How to add custom script that sets cookies.

💡Adding tracking via Goggle Tag Manager?
To obtain consent for setting cookies through Google Tag Manager, our system supports Google Consent Mode v2. For triggering specific tags and initiating tracking, we have mapped the following consent types with our cookie categories highlighted in bold:

  • Analytics: 'analytics_storage'

  • Marketing: 'ad_storage', 'ad_user_data', 'ad_personalization'

  • Preferences: 'personalization_storage'

To ensure that visitors are informed about the unique cookies you set, please include relevant details in your cookie policy following above instructions.

4. Pick a contact person for the Cookie Policy

We recommend that you choose a contact person for the Cookie Policy, i.e. contact details to someone at your company that the visitors can contact if they have questions about your use of cookies on the career site. The person will then appear in the Cookie Policy with their email address.

Please let know if you have any questions 🩷

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