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This how the Cover block works on your career site

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The Content block Cover is the first impression of your company and you can choose to introduce the visitor with a nice photo or with a video. Here the candidate can choose to Connect, look at job openings or scroll down to read more about your company ✨

You will find the Cover when you click on ContentCareer siteEdit.

Cover content


When you click on Cover you'll see the view in the picture below. This is where you add/change the text that's showing on your Cover above the two buttons, Connect and Job openings. Use this to welcome visitors to your career site.

Cover Background Image

This is the picture that will welcome the candidate to your career site and the minimum size for the picture is 1200x500px.

Cover Background Video

You can choose to have a video to make the candidate to stay a little bit longer on your site, and the maximum file size is 300 MB.

💡 If you have a video as the Cover and the candidate is watching from a phone the picture will show instead. Would you not add any Background image, your main color will be displayed instead.


Under Adjustments, you can change the color of the text your Cover as well as adding an Overlay over the cover (this is like having a filter over the photo).

Using an overlay, and adjusting the overlay visibility is a great way to make sure your text stands out even more.

Link to Youtube or Vimeo video

Lastly, you can add a video to your cover. This creates Watch the film indicator, as pictured below.

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