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How a candidate can exercise their right to request to be removed

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As a Candidate to one of our clients, you have the option to request to be removed. Let us show you how this is done!

1. Submit the request

To request to be removed, you submit a removal request to the company. You can do this in two different ways:

1.1 Directly in emails sent from the company

In the emails you receive from the company, you will find a Remove my data in the footer. Click there to request to be removed.

1.2 From company’s career site

By going to the company's career site, you also find a Data & Privacy section. Click there, and then go to Remove my data.

2. Confirm the request

Disregarding of which approach you took, you will be taken to a page where you're asked to confirm your removal request. This will look something like this, and here you fill out the email you’ve used when applying for a job at/connecting with the company.

Once you’ve filled out this email, you will receive an email with further instructions if there’s any registered data associated with that email. In this email, click Remove my data. This completes the removal request.

You will then be taken directly to a confirmation page, that looks something like this ↓ The company storing your data will get a notification that you requested to be removed.

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