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Request a copy of your candidate data
Request a copy of your candidate data

Learn how a candidate can request a copy of their data

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In accordance with data privacy regulations, a candidate can at any time request a copy of the personal data that is stored on them. To make this process smooth sailing, we have built a Request your data feature. Let’s take a closer look at this one!

How a candidate requests a copy of their data

To request a copy of your data, the candidate heads over to the Data & Privacy section of your career site or in their Connect profile settings.

If a candidate requests a copy of their data via the career site, they are asked to confirm the data request via an email sent to their email address. This email looks something like this:

Note! If no data is stored linked to this email, no email is sent.

How the requested data is sent

Once the request is completed, the system will automatically send an email to the candidate with a copy of the data.

What data is included?

In the following table, you see which data is included in the data request:

linkedin profile url
job applications
questions and answers
uploads by candidate

*about is a field that previously existed on candidate profiles, and is therefore not included in the majority of candidates. Simply put, if you see an About section on the left-hand side of your candidate’s profile, this data is also included in the data copy sent to the candidate.

If any files are included in the data request, these will be available for download until the next day.

What the recruiter sees

When a candidate requests a copy of their stored data, the users with access to the candidate will be able to see this action logged under Activity:

The data request will also be logged in the Audit log with the event type: data_request

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