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Partner: Oneflow data fields support
Partner: Oneflow data fields support
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If you’re working with our Oneflow integration, you might be wondering how to automatically fetch more information from your candidate card in Teamtailor. If so, you are in the right place! Let’s talk about how you make candidate custom fields available for Oneflow.

First of all, if you aren’t familiar with custom fields for your candidate card yet you should start by checking out this article here and learn all about it!

Create a Custom field that for Oneflow

So, to make a custom field available for the Oneflow you need to map it in the right way.

What this means is that when you create the custom field, you open up the API settings and add oneflow in the beginning of the API name. Just like you can see in the GIF step by step here:

When you will open the Oneflow trigger settings next time the custom fields will get transferred, and you will be able to use them in the template.

Important to know! Mapping custom fields in Teamtailor, to data fields in Oneflow requires a Oneflow admin user email.

To add this, go to Settings→Oneflow and fill in the field for Admin Email. If this field will be empty, the system will try to use the recruiter of the job on which you opened the config. Note that this is required only if there are some pending custom fields to map!

❗ If there are custom fields that needs to be mapped, and a recruiter without permission opens up the configuration you will see this error 👇 The solution would then be to add an Oneflow admin’s email in your Oneflow settings in Teamtailor.

There are custom fields to be imported to Oneflow but Recruiter of this Job with email: ${email} does not have sufficient permissions in Oneflow to perform this action.

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