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Customize information fields in your candidates profile and your job postings

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To give you more control over your job ads and ensure that you can evaluate what kind of information you as a company want from a candidate, you can use Custom fields. Custom fields are additional fields in your job postings and candidate cards where you can add information specific to you as a company.

First off we want to find where we actually create them, you do so in Settings under Recruitment. Now, let’s take a closer look at Custom fields for your candidate cards and Custom fields for your job postings.

Custom field for candidates

A custom field appears at the top left-hand side of your candidate's profile and is a great place for you to make sure you have the information needed for a fair and good assessment.

Available fields/field types with a short description

Field type



A single-line text box is added to the candidate’s profile


Allows you to add a number value


A dropdown selector that allows a single option selected


A dropdown selector that allows several options selected


True or False selector (Boolean)


Date selector from a calendar


Field to leave an email address, that is later clickable with a mailto function


Field to leave phone address, that is later clickable with a tel function


Field to add a URL, which then gets clickable and opens in another tab of your browser

Field settings

Your field comes with three additional settings, allowing you to customize the candidate card even more.

  • Private: A private field will only be visible and editable for the current positions Recruitment lead, and any Recruitment admin & Company admin roles.

  • Featured: This field will always show, even if it’s empty*

  • Do not show in filters: Hides field from the candidate filters in your candidate bank

* By default, the custom field is hidden if empty on our candidate’s profile to avoid noise so you can focus on the information that is actually there! A hidden field can be found under all featured/filled fields, like so:

API Settings

You can also set to use a custom field as an API Field. This means the field is not visible on the candidate but can be set from the API. Under API Name you can select what name this field will have in the API.

Custom fields for job postings

Custom field for job postings is a great way to include all the relevant information for the recruitment process you’re working on.

Field types

First of all, you will see four Standard fields. These are pre-created fields, there to make your setup easier. Note that these fields are by default visible on the job ad.

Field type


Remote status

Show the remote status of the job. Options included are:

  • No remote work

  • Temporarily remote

  • Flexible remote

  • Fully remote


Display what salary a candidate could expect in this position. You can choose to add a fixed number or a range, as well as include the currency and payment frequencies.

Employment type

Include information about employment types. Options included are:

  • Full-time

  • Part-time

  • Contract

  • Temporary

  • Apprenticeship

  • Internship

  • Volunteer

Employment level

State employment levels for this role. Options included are:

  • Executive/Senior Level

  • First/Mid Level Officials

  • Professionals

  • Technicians

  • Sales Workers

  • Administrative

  • Support Workers

  • Craft Workers

  • Operatives

  • Laborers and Helpers

  • Service Workers

Need something else? No worries - you can also create Custom fields and include whatever information you need. The available fields are the same as listed under the Candidate custom fields.

Field settings

  • Visible in job ad: Any field that you’ve set to be visible on the job ad, will be displayed at the bottom of your job posting, under a section titled Additional information. This will look something like this:

  • Required: the field is mandatory to fill out to complete the job ad. All mandatory fields will be marked with an asterisk *

  • Do not show in filters: field is hidden from filters on your job page (in your tool)

API Settings

You can also set to use a custom field as an API Field. This means the field is not visible on the candidate but can be set from the API. Under API Name you can select what name this field will have in the API.

Delete Custom fields

To delete custom fields, do so under your Custom fields settings. When you delete a custom field, you will delete all of the information from the custom fields from every candidate. 

Now go and customize away 💯

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