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Migrating partner integration to our new activation type
Migrating partner integration to our new activation type

How to migrate existing partner integration to our new and improved activation type

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We have introduced a new way of activating our partner integrations. With this update, our customer can enable an integration by clicking 'activate' and finish the installation of the partner in the settings. The goal is to minimize the number of dependencies needed to start using integration by recruiters.

Example of what the flow will look like for a client ☝️

We highly recommend all our partners to migrate the current integration to our new activation type.

Each Partner is allowed to use a webhook activation config to elevate user experience as well and insert additional integration settings.

You can set the webhook activation config using Partner API call:

Any new activation will be made in this way, and therefore it is a necessity to migrate current company activations.

The trigger functionality remains the same, current activations can be edited and viewed by each company admin on the settings page.

By default the config has the following form:


This results in the following view on the settings page:

The current activation keys are passed in the authorization header on call to /webhook and /config endpoints are the same with this setup.

To provide a custom view into this page you can edit your webhook activation config:

This will change the setting page into the following:

Please notice that the old key is now missing from that view. The integration still send it as a Bearer token until the user will update the settings page

The provider key has been changed into JWT:

After decoding:

We suggest doing the following:

  1. In the webhook handler attempt to verify the token and in case of exception use the token as it is to process the webhook

  2. Contact and schedule the time of migration. We will run a script that will turn all of your current activations into JWT in the scheduled time

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