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Google Ads
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Google has around 4.3 billion user worldwide, and using Google Ads is a great way to get traffic to your website and reach people actively searching for the jobs that you offer. When you promote your job ad on Google through Teamtailor, we will help you set up the ad, since its difficult to reach your target audience through the already existing advertising jungle.

When setting up the ad, we choose relevant and compatible keywords for your ad and write short headlines and texts about the role. Google then priorities and promotes the best performing headlines and texts.

Where does the ad show? 🚀

  • Above or below search results on Google Search

  • Above, below or beside search results on Google Play

  • In the Google shopping tab

  • Google Maps (including the Google Maps app)

What targeting is available? 🎯

  • Location

  • Language

  • Keywords

How does an ad look? 👀

Below you can see examples of how an Google ad can look like:



Pricing 💰


  • 3900 SEK

  • 3000 DKK

  • 405 EUR

  • 355 GBP

  • 405 USD


  • 6900 SEK

  • 5300 DKK

  • 715 EUR

  • 625 GBP

  • 715 USD


  • 12900 SEK

  • 9910 DKK

  • 1335 EUR

  • 1170 GBP

  • 1335 USD

Custom budget 🪡

Want a customised budget? Place a customised order in Teamtailor and write your budget of choice to the support or email us at

Duration ⏰

30 days

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