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Partner: Astronaut (Assessment)

Register candidates to Astronaut system and send assignments to candidates directly from the Teamtailor platform

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Astronaut Technology is a multipurpose assessment platform that can give your candidates the most convenient way to answer assessment questions & tests in a range of formats, including mobile video. By integrating with Teamtailor, it combines the power of assessment by Astronaut and Teamtailor's intuitive automation recruitment process that helps companies manage candidates easily.

Getting started

First things first, to start using this integration you must have an agreement with Astronaut.

To enable the integration, you will need the Astronaut API key. It is necessary to register the key in Teamtailor's integration settings on the setting dashboard. You can find your account API key by simply logging in to Astronaut. After you log in, go click on your account name on top right corner, and choose 'Organization Details' on the Account settings section.

After you click Organization Details, you’ll be redirected to the Organization Details page. You’ll find your API key on this page. (image below). Find the box with title: API 1.0 Key for Integrations. Click “Copy API Key“ button to copy the key.

When you have copied the key, log in to your Teamtailor-account, and then go into the Marketplace section:

Use the search field and type out "Astronaut Technologies" - or enter the "Assesments"-tab on the left and scroll to find the Astronaut Technologies-icon.

Click on it to open the full Astronaut card - and click on the "Activate"-button on the top right.

There, insert the API-key you copied from the Astronaut platform to activate the integration - and click on "Finish installation".

Once you finished installing Astronaut’s integration with Teamtailor you are ready to start sending out assessments to your candidates through Teamtailor.

Setting up the workflow on Teamtailor

Go to one of your Jobs and then click on the Trigger button to add a trigger to one or several of your stages. You’ll see the Astronaut trigger available in the list.

The following attributes are available when setting up the trigger in a process.

Candidate Notification and Result

You will receive a notification on Teamtailor’s dashboard after a candidate has finished their assessment.

You can also see the status of the trigger on the candidate card directly.

You will be redirected to the Astronaut Recruiter Dashboard if you click the QnA Result button on the status, specifically to the candidate detail page where you can see the candidate’s Astronaut QnA result.

Setting up question templates on Astronaut

To set up a question template, you must log in to your Astronaut Account.

Go to Assessment Library and click on “+ Add Template“

You must fill out the form that appears in the pop-up for the detail of your question template.

For the “Make this available to others?“ option, leave it as a “No“ if you don’t want this template to be accessible by other users.
After you fill in the template form, you’ll be redirected to template dashboard, and you’ll see your new template has been created.

You can select between Video | Free-Text | Multiple-choice | Template

To set up a video question, please choose the Video option. You’ll see all video questions will appear on the screen. You can add more questions if you want by clicking the “+ Add Video Question“ button.

If you wish to add questions to the template that you just created, simply click the (+) button on the right side of each question and the question from the question bank will automatically be added as shown in the image below.

After you have finished adding more questions to your template, click on "Update template" and your new template will be saved.

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