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Partner: Criteria Corp (Assessment)

Learn how to send out Criteria assessments and review results in Teamtailor

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By activating the Criteria integration, you'll be able to add triggers that automatically send assessments to candidates.

Criteria is a talent success company helping organisations make fair, objective, evidence-based talent decisions to reduce bias and drive organizational outcomes. Their world-leading tools include a comprehensive suite of rigorously validated psychometric assessments and structured interviewing tools (including video) that highlight the potential in every job candidate while providing an experience that candidates love.

The seamless integration with Teamtailor enables you to harness the power of scientifically developed and validated assessments and Video Interviewing from within Teamtailor. Once candidates complete the assessment, you can view each candidate’s scores and receive clear, easy to understand reports for your hiring managers and other stakeholders. You can easily move qualified candidates through your recruiting workflow without having to leave the Teamtailor platform.

Getting started in Teamtailor

First things first, to enable this integration you must collect your Criteria API key. You can contact your Criteria Crop contact person and request an API key to activate the Teamtailor integration.

To then enable the integration in Teamtailor you head over to the marketplace in the Teamtailor application, search for Criteria Corp, and click Activate.

Step 1. Activate Criteria Corp in the marketplace of the Teamtailor application

You will be redirected to the activations page in your Teamtailor settings where you can add your Criteria Corp API key and set your region (North America or APAC).

Step 2. Add your Criteria Corp information

Set up the trigger in Teamtailor

Now the integration is activated you can head over to one of your jobs in Teamtailor. From the applications view, you should click on the Triggers symbol (1).

Select the stage from which you want the transfer to trigger by clicking the ➕ (2) in that stage. Candidates that are moved to this stage will be automatically send an invite to the assessment.

Select Send Criteria Corp webhook to add the trigger.

Next you select the type of assessment (packages) you want to activate in the stage, you decide after how many days you want the assessment invite to expire, and you can decide to automatically or manually send invite emails. Click 'Add trigger' to complete the set-up.

Review the reports

Once the candidate completes the test you will be able to find the results and a link to the report on the candidate card in Teamtailor. You won't have to leave the Teamtailor platform to make your next decision!

Click 'view details' to get direct insights in the candidate's performance.

Click the 'generated report' link to open the PDF with the result report:

You can also enter your Criteria Crop dashboard to find the candidates and results there.

What data is transferred?

Once the Criteria Corp integration is triggered the following information will be transferred between Teamtailor and Criteria:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Results

Need support?

Contact Teamtailor directly via:

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