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How to activate the Tempo integration

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Getting Tempo and your ATS to speak with each other

Connecting Tempo and Teamtailor together is simple. Navigate to your account to begin the integration process. All you will need to do is to retrieve your special Teamtailor API key.

Linking the job from Tempo to the job posting on your ATS

In order for the candidate from Tempo to be pushed to the right job on your ATS, the second step is to get the jobs to be linked. As you’ve enabled Tempo and your ATS partner to speak with each other, you’ll be presented with a list of live jobs from your ATS to select from when both jobs are live on Tempo and your ATS.

Send Tempo candidates through to your ATS

This can be done whenever in your hiring pipeline, i.e. the functionality to send candidates to your ATS from Tempo can start from the matching tab, interview stage or offer stage. The flexibility is designed for you!

Once a candidate is on your ATS, they’ll also be clearly marked on Tempo.

Teamtailor customers can access Tempo at discount rates via this link...

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