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Partner: Personio (HR system)

Send new hires to your Personio account

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🆕 New improvement (Aug 2023) - The Personio integration now allows you to transfer the custom job field 'subcompany' to Personio. This enables you to control for each job to which subcompany in Personio the candidates should be assigned. Read more in this article, or learn more about custom fields by watching this video!

By activating the Personio integration, you'll be able to add triggers that automatically send candidates from Teamtailor into Personio.

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Activate the Teamtailor x Personio integration to make your recruitment even easier!

Getting Started

To enable the integration between Teamtailor and Personio:

  1. In Personio, go to your settings, integrations, api crendentials.

  2. Generate a new credential by selecting the integration "Teamtailor" and giving your API "employees" read and write access. You can also select the readable attributes you want synced with the integration.

  3. Copy you Client ID and Secret at the bottom of the page.

  4. In Teamtailor you will have to create an API key with admin read scope. As admin you can go to your settings > API key > New API key > set a descriptive name and use the scope Admin and Read.

  5. Now head over to Teamtailors marketplace and find the Personio integration.

  6. Click activate and it will take you to your marketplace settings where you can paste the Client ID and Secret into their respective fields.

You've now integrated your Personio and Teamtailor applications 🎈 🎉

Set up the trigger in Teamtailor

Now the integration is activated you can head over to one of your jobs in Teamtailor. From the applications view, you should click on the Triggers symbol (1).

Select the stage from which you want the transfer to trigger by clicking the ➕ (2) in that stage. Candidates that are moved to this stage will be automatically send to Personio.

Select Send to Personio webhook to add the trigger.

The integration will prompt you to complete the settings. When you’re done with the trigger setup, click Add Trigger.

Using the integration you can decide to send all the candidate documents from Teamtailor to Personio. By default this feature is activated. In the trigger settings you indicate in which folder (category) the document needs to be stored in Personio. The available options are based on your folder structure in Personio.

Now every time you move a candidate to this stage, it will tell the Teamtailor application to send their information to your "Employee" section in Personio.

You will also see the candidates card in Teamtailor now has a status of "sent" under the name Personio.

Using custom fields to assign subcompany

If you have several subcompanies in Personio you can use a custom job field to control for each job to which subcompany the candidates should be assigned. Learn more about custom fields by watching this video.

1. Start by setting up a custom job field in Teamtailor. Go to your settings, and under 'Recruitment' you find the tab 'custom fields'.

In Teamtailor the field needs to be called subcompany for the integration to work as intended!

2. Once you've set up the custom job field, you go to the edit screen of a job > internal information > and set the subcompany that the job belongs to.

Make sure to have set-up the right subcompanies in Personio, and to use the exact same names when setting up in Teamtailor. You need to specify this field for each job!

Once the integration is triggered, the subcompany will be transferred to Personio together with the other candidate information.

Information being sent to Personio

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Job title

  • Hire date

  • Weekly hours

  • Gender

  • Teamtailor custom fields that match your Personio custom attributes

  • Documents

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