How to publish a job on SEEK

First, activate the SEEK integrations, learn more here. Once the integrations are activated, you can promote jobs on the SEEK job board.

  • How do I publish a job on SEEK now?

    Go to an active job > Click on the Promote tab > Click on the SEEK tile and follow the steps.

  • How to edit a job on SEEK after promoting it?

    Please go to the job > Promote > View Purchase history > edit icon

    Here you can do any edits and by going through that form until updating the ad, the changes done in the ad will be pushed to SEEK.

  • How to remove a Job from SEEK?

    When the job is expired or unlisted on Teamtailor, the job will be removed from SEEK. If the job is open on Teamtailor, it will be live 30 days on SEEK.

  • How to re-list a Job on SEEK?

    You will need to create a new job on Teamtailor (or copy a previous job) and follow the steps to promote the job again.

    You can find a FAQ about this integration here.

    Happy recruiting!

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