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Analytics: Teamtailor's page tracking tool
Analytics: Teamtailor's page tracking tool

Learn how career site analytics is tracked to give you insight in the engagement on your career site

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Getting insight into the engagement of your career site is key when verifying that you're doing the right thing, and empowers you to push through data-driven decisions. In this article, you will be able to learn more about how Teamtailor's page tracking tool works.

How does the Teamtailor page tracking tool work?

Any visit to the pages of your career site is tracked, together with relevant information like the source of the visitor and what device they are working with. This data will then be used to provide insight into the Analytics part of the platform, presented in convenient reports for your team.

📚 Learn more about the Analytics feature here!

Technically, your career site visitors are tracked through a first-party cookie and this cookie is only used on your career site. This means the data is being processed, managed, and stored directly by Teamtailor and that no third-party analytics tool is involved.

The Cookie-specific stuff

The data is tracked via a Cookie that is called _ttAnalytics and that has a 6 months expiration time. The visitor will need to give consent for this cookie to be stored in their browser. If the visitor rejects the cookie, the visit will be tracked but with limited (non-traceable) data.

Why did we decide to build our own tracking tool?

The previous way of collecting the data was done in collaboration with a third-party provider (Google Analytics to be specific). However, we made the decision to implement our own tracking system for a number of reasons, the most relevant being:

  • Privacy is everything! It's important for us as your partner to be able to provide you with a platform with privacy-friendly analytics on your career site data.

  • Accuracy in the data we provide to you! Since our developers build this tracking tool, we're able to deliver more accurate data and have more insight into it. As an example, we can link pages and events together in a way that builds a more cohesive picture of a candidate’s journey.

  • Better support! By knowing exactly how page views and sessions are calculated, we can give better support to you if you would encounter inconsistencies.

❓ How will this affect you?

At the point of the switch in tracking methods (around summer 2022), you might see a small change in the tracking. This will most likely be a jump/increase in visitors, due to changes in how this was tracked.

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