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Using your own LinkedIn job slots through Teamtailor
Using your own LinkedIn job slots through Teamtailor

Using your own LinkedIn job slots through Teamtailor in a seamless and easy way, through Job wrapping.

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Turn All Your Job Listings in Teamtailor into LinkedIn Jobs – Automatically

LinkedIn Job Wrapping scans your company’s career site in Teamtailor and automatically posts your jobs directly to the LinkedIn Jobs Network. Job Wrapping ensures that you’re maximizing your investment in LinkedIn by keeping all of your Job Slots filled without any additional effort from your recruiting team.

With Job Wrapping, ALL of your jobs reach the best active and passive candidates on LinkedIn – without manual updates. Wrapping makes things easier for your recruiting team, so they’ll be free to focus on sourcing and building candidate relationships.


  • Post your vacancies to LinkedIn, through Teamailor without any manual work.

  • Optimize your investment in LinkedIn Job Slots by keeping them filled at all times.

  • Automatically post jobs from your career site or ATS to the LinkedIn Jobs Network. Any job updates are automatically updated on LinkedIn.

  • Eliminate manual posting and manual renewal of Job Slots on LinkedIn.

  • Maximize the exposure of all of your jobs to active and passive candidates on LinkedIn.

  • Flexibility to select criteria for jobs to be automatically wrapped.

Who can use job wrapping and how does it work?

Job Wrapping is included with your Job Slots. It regularly scans your career website or Teamtailors XML feed for jobs and posts them to LinkedIn. Job Wrapping provides seamless synchronization between Teamtailor and your LinkedIn Job Slots. Any updates, including job descriptions, renewals, and deletions, are automatically reflected on LinkedIn.

Wrap all jobs or choose which jobs you want to wrap to LinkedIn

LinkedIn maps fields from your career site in Teamtailor to those in LinkedIn and automatically wraps jobs by any criteria you choose, such as:

  • Keywords within your job description, such as job titles or functions.

  • Categories from your job site (such as engineering, sales, etc.)

  • Jobs from specific recruiters on your team.

  • Job location or region.

How do I set up job wrapping for my jobs in Teamtailor?

Getting started with Job Wrapping is a quick and easy process. Simply fill out a job wrapping questionnaire, wrap all jobs, or choose which types of jobs you want to wrap, and you’ll be up and running with automatic job slot postings.

In order to get started with this process you should reach out to your account manager or sales representative at LinkedIn, this is not something that Teamtailor can set up for you.

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