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Co-pilot: Video meeting summary
Co-pilot: Video meeting summary

Get an automatic summary of your video meetings

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Under Settings → Recruitment → Co-pilot → Interview process, toggle on Video meeting summary:

Note that this is only supported using Teamtailor's video meeting service and the meeting needs to be recorded using the Recordable video meetings feature.

After the meeting is finished and the recording and transcript are finished processing, a summary will be available in the meeting details on the candidate profile.

  • It focuses on the candidate's answers and any details they provide, e.g. previous experience.

  • It will refer to the candidate as they/them.

If you feel that the summary was wrong, it’s possible to edit the summary by clicking the pen in the upper right corner.

💬 The video meeting Summary will written in the default ATS language under Settings → Company → General regardless of which language was spoken during the meeting.

The Transcript follows the language spoken in the meeting.

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