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Recruit remotely. How to create video meetings through Teamtailor.

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You can schedule video meetings with candidates directly in Teamtailor, without any external software required. In this guide, you will learn how to create a video meeting through Teamtailor, as well as learn how this feature will appear from both your end and the candidate's end. 

To schedule a video meeting, access the candidate card of whom you would like to invite to the meeting and click the calendar 🗓 symbol at the top of the candidate's card. For the Location, select the video service you'd like to use.

Please note that you need to have connected your calendar to your profile for this feature to work.


You can also send an email reminder to the candidate 24 hours before the event. To do so, activate it here:

Accessing and joining the video meeting from the Candidate's card

You can see the meeting under the Candidate card who is set to attend that meeting, and this is where you can join the meeting.

When joining the meeting, you will see a screen like this. Both you and the candidate will need to allow camera access in order for the candidate to be able to see you.

If you would like to be able to still work within the Teamtailor platform, whilst attending your video interview, you can do so with one simple click.

1. Click the sidebar arrow to move the video meeting to the sidebar, and continue to view your Teamtailor dashboard

Supported browsers

Below you'll see a table of the supported browsers for this feature. Make sure that you and your candidates use the feature in either one of these browsers.

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