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Add the possibility to record a video meeting and generate a transcript

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This add-on enables you to record video meetings held in Teamtailor. The recording will be saved on the candidate card along with a generated written transcript. This will allow the rest of the hiring team to participate in the meeting and ensure no important information is missed throughout the recruitment process.

A Company Admin user needs to activate this feature in the Add-on feature center to get started

Record a meeting

Once this feature is activated you will have the possibility to record a video meeting by clicking the Start recording button inside the meeting.

When initiating a recording, all candidates in the meeting will get a prompt asking them if they consent to being recorded.

❕Please note that this recording feature is only available when using the built-in Teamtailor video service.

View the recording and transcript

A recording of the video meeting along with a written transcript will be available on the candidate card after the meeting is finished. Note that it can take up to 10 minutes for it to be fully generated.

In the meeting details, click the Show meeting toggle to find the recording and the transcript.

If you are using Co-pilot you can enable it to generate a Video meeting summary, which will then be displayed here alongside the recording and transcript.

Delete a recording

If you wish to delete a generated recording edit the candidate card and scroll down to the Meeting recordings section.

Here you will see the option to delete a video recording related to the conducted meeting/s by clicking the garbage bin icon.

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