Work with Job template to ensure your job ads follow the same structure, information, and style. 

In the template, you're able to add as much information you want and all this info will be included when you create the job using the template. This allows you to for example, always use the same Stages a the recruiting process, or ask the same questions. Read more about the different stages here

You have two different types of job templates. When the users creates a new job, they will get the option you see in the picture above 👆

Default template (right) - The default job template is the one always used when you create a new job from scratch. This means, the edits you create here will be shown in all jobs you create by clicking New job. 

Custom templates (left) - You can also set up custom templates to use instead of your base job template. This is great to use for specific departments, roles etc.

Create and manage job templates

Create/edit your job templates by going to Settings -> Job templates. Here you're able to (1) create a new template, (2) edit your default template, and (3) edit your custom templates. 

When creating a new template, click + Job template, and then simply follow the easy step-by-step process to create the template. Reminder to take a look at this article to read more about the HERE.

Under Template instructions you can name the template to make it easy to know which type of job the template is suitable for, as well as include instructions for the recruiters.

Have fun saving loads of time working with templates! 😌

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