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Work with Job templates

Work with Job templates to ensure your job ads follow the same structure, information, and style

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Ever heard of our job template feature? It's like magic – you can pre-configured job templates and use them as a starting point for new job postings. This is super handy when you have jobs that repeat or happen regularly! Plus, it saves your precious employees time and keeps everything nice and consistent across all the jobs. How cool is that?

Create and manage job templates

Create/edit your job templates by going to Settings → Templates → Job templates. Here you're able to (1) create a new template, (2) edit your default template, and (3) edit your custom templates. 

When creating a new template, click + Job template, and then simply follow the easy step-by-step process to create the template. You can add as much information as you see fit! Check out the article on how to create a new job to learn about the different fields.

Note that when editing an existing job template the changes will only be applied to new jobs created from it, pre-existing jobs will not be affected.

💡 Under Template instructions you can name the template to make it easy to know which type of job the template is suitable for, as well as include instructions for the recruiters.

Default job template

The default job template will be used for all new jobs unless that job uses a different template.

Custom job template

You can also set up custom templates to use instead of your base job template. This is great to use for specific departments, roles etc.

Use a job template

When creating a new job, you select the template you wish to use from the drop-down list.

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