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Design your own templates for your job ads
Design your own templates for your job ads
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Creating a content template for your job ads will allow you to present different content for different kinds of ads. As an example, you’ll be able to make sure that you always use the same job page content for all the jobs published in a specific department, in a specific location, or why not by a specific recruiter.

How to create/edit a job page template

Head over to your content editor, and go to the segment called Templates. This is where you can create and edit your job page templates. There will be 2 standard templates to choose from (Plain, and Visual) and you can of course also create your own from scratch.


In the job page template, you decide which blocks you want to use for jobs using this template. This gives you the possibility to design your own job ads, and decide which type of blocks you want to display.

The blocks with the dashed frames will be automatically populated with content from the specific job and is not information you can edit on the template level. Besides that, the content block library is your limit! Add new blocks by clicking the plus at the bottom left, remove the blocks you don’t want to use, and make sure to customize the content so that it suits the audience you have in mind.

💡 As an example, if you create a job page template for your Customer Support department, why not include department-specific content as the perks of this department, or use an infographic block with some interesting stats on the team?

At any point, you can select one of your jobs to see how that job would look using this specific template. In the example in the screenshot below, you see the template applied to the job called iOS Developer (this means all the dashed content boxes contain information from that job).

Template settings

You will always have a Default job page template, which is the one that will be used if nothing else is selected. You’re able to change which template to use as the default one by hovering over the template and marking as default template. You will also be able to duplicate the template, as well as delete a template (you’re not able to delete templates that have been used).

💡 psst! You will also be able to see how many published jobs are using your template right now. In the example above, you see that 2 jobs are published using the visual template. Editing this one will therefore affect 2 job postings.

How to use a job page template

Templates will then be available to choose from when creating a job. Under the Appearance section, navigate to the Page template selector.

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