Publishing a job should be an easy and seamless experience! In this article you will learn all about it. For your convenience, we made a video showing you how it’s done. We'll also explain this step-by-step below. 

Teamtailor has gotten a face-lift since this video was recorded, so the look might be a bit different. The functionality is very similar still!

The content of this article is based on the different stages of the job creation. Click each section in the table below to go straight to that part:

  1. Job posting

  2. Application

  3. Candidate chat

  4. Stages

  5. Hiring team

  6. Interview kit

  7. Publishing the job

  8. Additional settings

The first step of publishing a new job is to add the position in your Teamtailor account. Do so by going to Jobs→ ➕ (Job)

First, you will be presented with two choices - Use a template and Create new job. For more information about job templates, please click here.  

1. Job posting

Title and Description

Start by adding the positions Title and Description. Use headers, lists, add gifs, videos, and images. Be creative and have fun! 

❗️The field Title and Description are required to be able to Save


Then, add a pitch to the job. This will be displayed at the very top of your ad, so make sure to tell your candidates why your they should apply for your job over your competitors. 

Tip 💡: Read more about how to optimize SEO for your job ads here.

Department, Role, and Location

Assign the position to the related Department and Role to make it easier for your candidates to find and identify with the position. Then, let your applicants know where the position is located, by adding the Location/s of the job. 

These settings will help your Connected candidates to make more specific profiles, ensuring the quality of your candidate bank. 

Custom fields (Remote status, etc)

You also have the option of adding which ever custom fields you want do your job posting, and choose if these should be displayed in-tool only or also on the public posting. Read more about Custom fields here.

Response Time

Here you'll have the option to include a Response time so the candidate knows how long s/he would expect to wait before hearing back from you. Select a time ranging from 2 hours to a month. The set Response time will not have an effect on the recruiting process, this is purely for the candidates experience when applying for the job. Read more about Response time HERE


Colleagues are important, to say the least! Show your applicants their potential future work friends by adding Colleagues. These people will be presented in the job posting. You add them by just clicking on their names.

If you have admin access, you will have the additional option to select a different recruiter for the role from the Recruiter drop-down box.

The people of your ad will be presented like this (the Recruiter is the Contact, and the colleagues under Some of your colleagues:


All jobs will have their own Cover area to visualize the job posting. The cover area includes a Picture, title, pitch, apply button and the response time. 

You can select one of two layout styles, Visual or Plain. You can make a bigger impact with Visual by adding a background image and bold text, like so:

Whereas the Plain option will generate a more traditional job ad, with black text on a white background. If you have selected a background, it will still appear as the header and sharing image. 

Start by deciding which picture to use for this. If you upload one from your computer, make sure the resolution is as high as possible. We support the common file formats, such as .jpg, .tif, .gif, and .png. 

The cover image is a representation of your job, so you may want to use an image that gives your candidates some insight into the job and your company.

You will automatically get a preview of what the cover area will look like. Below the preview, you will have the option to make further changes to the cover area by toggling the Overlay color, Overlay opacity, Text color, and customizing the Button text (the text which appears on the apply button the candidates follow to submit their application). Why not make applying less intimidating by saying Apply in just 30 seconds or Apply without CV?

Next step: Application

The next step is to form the application to make sure you get the necessary information from the your candidates.

Start by deciding what Personal info you want from the candidate. 

Specify what information is mandatory and optional when the candidate applies for the job, by checking Off | Optional | Mandatory. 

After this, decide which Questions to add to the application form. Either choose between the questions you’ve already created, our make new for this specific ad.

These are the different types of questions you can create:

  • Yes/No* - answer a yes/no question

  • Multiple choice** - choose between several answers, you decide if multiple answers is allowed

  • Range* - select a value on a scale of your choice

  • Text - write the answer on a multi or single line

  • Video - allow the candidate to record themselves answering your question

  • File - need to see other documents, such as the candidates diplomas? Ask them to upload it in the application. 

*the question is mandatory to answer
**the question is mandatory to answer if only one answer is allowed

Next up is the Auto messages, meaning the messages that's sent to your candidates, making your recruitment process even more streamlined. 

You see two types of messages: 

  • Reply message - the message that’s automatically sent to the candidate when he/she applies for the job

  • Reject message - the message you can send to the candidate when you’ve deemed them not fit for the position. 

Choose to go with the preset auto messages, or create Custom messages to specify them for this ad, by simply clicking Custom Message. 

If you want to use an external applicant tracking system, enter the URL under Advanced settings. 

We have also implemented a feature that automatically delivers email applications to Teamtailor! You can read the blog post about that here.

Next step: Chat widget

If you want to be able to talk directly to your candidates, to not risk losing them between your job ad and their application, activate the Candidate chat

The candidate chat is easy to set up and you can choose how active you want to be. Read more about it here

Next step: Stages

Create the right recruitment flow for the hiring process by adding and editing the Stages for the candidates. We give you a preset process that you can customize to fit your specific needs.

Want to learn about the stage actions? Check this article out 🤓

Next step: Hiring team

Teamwork makes the dream work, so invite your colleagues and recruit together! 👯

The members of your hiring team get a shared view over the process and can review and handle the candidates for the specific job. Read more about Hiring teams here.

Next step: Interview scorecard/Interview kit

If you’ve already created an Interview kit for the role, you can go ahead and select it. You can read more about setting up and using Interview kits here

If you haven’t set up Interview scorecards yet, you will be asked whether you’d like to add any criteria or interview questions to the posting. 

Final step: Publishing

When you're content with the posting, the only thing left to do is to Publish! This you do at the bottom right.

Ready to publish

Some user roles doesn’t have access to publish jobs, so they will instead so a Ready to publish button. Clicking this sends a notifications to the users with access to publish the role.

Draft and unlist

If you're not quite done with the ad, you can of course save it as a Draft and get back to it later on. This you do at Save draft.

Unlist the posting to make the job live, without publishing it on your Career site. No email notifications will be sent to your employees or connected candidates. You can also use the function to remove an earlier published ad, and continue working with the recruiting process.

If you for some reason want to delete the job, you do it by clicking Delete. Note that this action cannot be undone. 

Bonus step: Different functions

After spending some time in the job editor, you might be interested in the bar at the bottom of the page. Take a look at the screenshot above, and let’s go trough them one-by-one.




Add tags

Adding tags to your job ads makes it easier to filter in your job list, and allows you to group similar jobs together.

Set publishing dates

Schedule job’s publishing date. Job is automatically published on start date (at 00.00), and will expire on end date (at 24.00)

Pin job to top

Pin the job if you want your job at the top of your Career site

Enable/disable transparent recruitment*

Read more about Transparent recruitment here

Publish internally only*

Read more about internal jobs here

Preview job

When you've saved your ad as a draft, you can preview it before publishing

* add-on features that has to be enabled

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