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Add qualifying questions to your application form
Add qualifying questions to your application form

Improve candidate and recruiter experience by adding questions that require a yes as answer for the candidate to complete the application.

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We know a recruiter tends to spend quite a lot of time reviewing candidates that are lacking some basic qualifications for the role (missing required work permit, license or certifications). And then let’s look at it from the other perspective: way too many candidates spend their time, effort, and hopes on roles where they will not be hired. Let’s talk about how to negate these problems and create a better candidate (and recruiter) experience with Qualifying questions.

What is a qualifying question?

A qualifying question is a yes/no question that the candidate has to answer per your recruitment criteria to be able to even fill out the rest of the application form. If the candidate answers the question in an ”unqualified way”, they will receive an immediate message that they don’t meet the job’s requirements.

Before the candidate answers Yes to the question, they will not be able to fill in the rest of the form. That way you ensure that none of the candidate’s time was wasted!

How to add a qualifying question?

When creating or editing the application form, you can add qualifying questions. You do this by adding the yes/no question (this is the only supported question type). Once added, click the three dots on the far right and click Candidate must answer YES to apply.

Please note! This feature only works with the question type yes/no, and for positive answers (meaning you can’t have the qualifying answer linked to a no). Keep this in mind when formulating the question.

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