When a visitor is ready to apply for one of your jobs, they will click the apply button and be taken the the Application form of the job posting. This is the perfect place for you to collect the information needed for the initial reviewing but you still want to make this a smooth and easy experience for your candidates. So, let’s take a closer look at the Application form.

In this article, we’ll cover all the different sections of the application form. For your convenience, you find a little table of content right here:


The application page inherits the design from the rest of your career site, ensuring a unified look for your visitors. The base uses your secondary- and content color combination that already exists. Inputs are always white with a strong contrasting text color. If you use full cover in the job ad we inherit it to the form, extra neat for candidates arriving straight to it.

Color settings

The background of the application form comes from the your Secondary background color, and the content (basically every text of the form) comes from your Content color.

To make this super simple for you, you see a preview of this combination right in the tool when you’re working with the color settings of your career site. The application form uses the combinations displayed in the second example.

Color of inputs

The inputs, meaning the fields where your candidates give you there answers, are always displayed in white.

What if I want to use white as my secondary background? you might ask yourself. Well no worries, we’ve got you covered! The application page will automatically get a darker color, so your inputs are still the main event of the page.

Cover image

If you’re using a full cover image, this image will be displayed at the top of the application form. A full cover is used when the job’s layout style is set to Visual. In the screenshot below, you see the difference in these styles.

And this is how the different layout styles look in the job. Learn more about the job posting's cover area here.


Let’s take a closer look at the questions your candidate answers, these are divided in Application questions and Personal information. Both sections are managed in the job creation/editing flow under the step Application.

Application questions

The application questions are added/edited under the section for Questions when you setup your job.

Personal information

After you’re candidate answered the job’s specific questions, it’s time to fill out her/his personal information. Under the Application stage→Personal info when you set up your job posting, you also decide what personal information to ask your candidate to leave.

Apply with social profiles or email

Depending on your account settings, your candidates have the option of using their email or their Facebook/LinkedIn profile when submitting their application. If you wish to disable/enable any of the social options, head over to Settings→Apply with.

Thank you page

When you’re candidate if done with her/his application, the only thing left is to click submit it. By doing so, they land on your career site’s Thank you page.

In this stage, the application has already ended up in the job’s recruitment process. Your candidate will now also have the option to Connect with your company, as well as at recommenders linked to their candidate profile.


Let’s celebrate with the candidate and enable a confetti rain after the application is successfully submitted. You enable/disable this by heading over to your career site’s Global design and going to the section for Confetti animation 🎉

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