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Set your status and availability in Teamtailor
Set your status and availability in Teamtailor

Let your team know when you're available

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Enhance collaboration with your colleagues by communicating your availability directly in your Teamtailor account. This helps set clear expectations for response time internally within your team.


Let your colleagues know what you are currently up to, for eg. on vacation or in a meeting.

Set your status

Start by clicking your profile picture and the Set status option in the list.

Customize the status according to the options available and save by clicking Set status.



What's your status?

Define your status and pick an emoji of your choice.

Remove status after...

Choose when you want your status to clear.

Notify hiring team

Hiring team members will be notified in-app and via email if a candidate replies to your conversations during this period. This goes both for conversations with existing candidates and new incoming leads from the candidate chat where you are added as the contact person. This will be enabled until your status clears.

Pause notifications

Turn off all notifications until your status clears.

Notifications during this period will not be sent after the status clears.

💡 Your status is only seen in the platform by your colleagues, it will not be shared with your candidates

Edit / Clear your status

Click on your current status to edit it. If you want to clear your status, click on the X button right next to it.

Where will my status be seen?

Product area



In the user list when using @mention in the Comments section on a candidate / in a job process.

Statuses of users with whom you share access to the candidate/job in question.

In the user/employee profile under the Employees tab.

Only available for users with a Company Admin role.


Your availability is displayed as a green dot next to your avatar to indicate that you’re active in Teamtailor. This allows your team to see when you are online in the platform.

You’re set to active when you are viewing Teamtailor in your browser tab and set to away if you navigate away or close it down. Set yourself as active or away manually by clicking the option seen on the images below:



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