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Invite users and select the right access
Invite users and select the right access

An outline of the different access rights to Teamtailor

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To invite a new user to your account, go to the tab Employees.
There, click Add employees where you will be given the option of adding one user or several users at the same time. 


Teamtailor users can be assigned roles that will give them different access levels to the system. Let’s go through them one by one.

No access

  • Can’t log in to your account 

  • Will receive email notifications when jobs are published and can manage notification preferences via these emails

  • If you have added a picture to their profile and you switch the profile to public, the profile is shown on your career site.

Default User

A Default User can:

  • Access your employee dashboard

  • Edit their profile

  • Be a part of Hiring teams for jobs, but cannot edit/promote the job postings

  • Be a part of a Team 

  • Refer/source candidates to any job but can only access these candidates if they are part of a job or department they have access to

Please note that if a Default user is not a part of hiring team, they will not be able to access your accounts Dashboard. Instead, they will see your employee dashboard when logging in to their account.


  • Be part of approval flows and approve requisitions

Hiring Manager

A Hiring Manager has the same access as the Default User, but can also:

  • Create new job postings, but cannot publish them. Jobs will get status Pending publish and await approval from other users

  • Edit jobs that they’ve been invited to

  • Doesn’t have access to buy promotions on external job boards


  • Create a Requisition

  • Be part of approval flows and approve requisitions

Recruitment Lead

A Recruitment Lead has the same access as the Hiring Manager, but can also:

  • Publish jobs created by themselves or Hiring Managers in which they have been added to the hiring team

  • Purchase promotions to promote jobs on external job boards


A Recruitment Lead can:

  • Create a Requisition

  • Be part of the approval flow and approve requisitions

Recruitment Admin

A Recruitment Admin has the same access as the Recruitment Lead, but can also:

  • Access all candidates and all jobs

  • Access to recruitment related settings (such as job templates, questions, and settings for Teams)

    View the full account analytics

  • Manage Nurture and Surveys, if enabled as Add-ons


  • Create new requisition

  • Create and edit Approval flows and forms

  • Be part of the approval flow and approve requisitions

Company Admin

A Company Admin can access and do everything without any restrictions, this includes:

  • Invite and edit your users/employees

  • Decide if an employee profile will be displayed on the career site or not

  • See all hidden comments, fields, and access all restricted candidates

  • Activate certain Marketplace products including Apply with Linkedin

  • Can activate more Add-on features


  • Create a Requisition

  • Create and edit Approval flows and forms

  • Be part of the approval flow and approve requisitions

External Recruiters

  • They have full access to the candidates that were added by themselves or other members of the same Recruitment agency, not to other candidates within the Job

  • Can create hidden comments, can't see hidden comments written by others

To invite external recruiters to your account, take a look at this article.


For most roles, you have the option to add-on access to specific parts of the platform. To add the additional access, you simply enable add-ons for the role and select one/several options.

This means that, on top of the user's base access, the user will also have access to one of the following areas:


This add-on grants access to the Content editor where they can update the content and settings for the career site and pages.


This add-on grants access to all the reports on the main Analytics page, except for Custom reports.

Note that this does not grant access to the actual candidate card and/or job process. For the user to see this they need to be granted this access through a team and/or hiring team.

The candidate’s name will be presented either as N/A or Deleted candidate depending on how the data in the report is fetched.

The user will also be able to access employee names/data in Analytics with this add-on role.

Add-ons cannot be added to the following roles: No access, External recruiter, and Company admin (A Company admin already have full access)

Public profile/email

As a Company Admin, you can decide which of your employees should have public profiles and public email addresses and/or phone numbers. If these boxes are checked, this info will be displayed on your career site. 

Note: Requisitions is one of our Enterprise features. If you are interested in Requisitions please contact your contact person or our support team!

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