Invite colleagues

Hiring is a team effort! Involving your co-workers makes recruiting easy and fun. Your co-workers will feel appreciated and have a greater engagement in your company.

To invite a new user to your account, go to the tab Employees. There, click + Add employee to add one user, or + Bulk add employees to add several users at the same time. 

Choose the user's access

Teamtailor users can be assigned roles which will give them different access levels to the system. To set the right access, go to Employees and click on the name of the employee you want to edit. Once in their profile, click on Settings. Here you can choose one of the five access levels.

No access

  • The user can't login. 
  • They will receive email notifications when jobs are published. 
  • If you have added a picture to their profile and you switch the profile to public, the profile is shown on your career site.


  • The user can be a part of Hiring teams for jobs and departments. 
  • The user can access the Job and Candidate menus if the user is part of a Hiring team (job and/or department).
  • In the Job tab, a user can only access jobs when they are part of the Hiring team.
  • In the Candidates tab, a user can only see and access the candidates that belong to a department where they are part of the Hiring team.
  • They can refer or source candidates to any job but can only access these candidates if they are part of a job or department they have access to.


  • In addition to User level access, a Designer can access the Content menu and therefore can update the content and settings for the career site.


  • In addition to User level access, a Recruiter can create jobs and can invite people to Hiring teams.


  • Admins are the only people that can access everything 😎: Jobs, Candidates, Analytics, Employees & Settings. 
  • Admins have no restrictions - they can access every candidate and every job.

Overview table

Public profile/email

As an admin, you can decide which of your employees should have a public profiles and public email addresses. If these boxes are checked, this info will be displayed on your career site. 

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