To easier find amongst the candidates in your candidate bank, you can use the Candidate search

Search witin specific fields

You can search in specific fields of the candidate by using our advanced search syntax. To search for a specific field, just type the field name followed by a colon and the text you're searching for (without any spaces).

For example: to search for all candidates named Anders you just type first_name:Anders in the search field, try it out.

These following fields are searchable:

  • first_name The candidate's first name.
  • last_name The candidate's last name.
  • email The candidate's email address.
  • pitch The candidate's pitch text.
  • notes All notes written on a candidate.
  • linkedin_profile The candidate's LinkedIn profile, if applied via LinkedIn.
  • cover_letters The candidate's cover letters for every job application.
  • reviews All written reviews on the candidate.
  • resume_text The text in an uploaded CV.

Filter candidates based on the presence of a field

You can filter candidates based on if a field has any value or not by using the _exists_:email syntax where email is the field name.

For example: to find all candidates without any email you would type !_exists_:email in the search field, try it out.

Happy searching!

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