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Learn the powerful ways to explore your candidate database by facilitating candidate filters.

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Isn’t one of the best problems as a recruiter when you have too many candidates to maintain control? A luxury problem, maybe, but still a problem, when you are struggling to find the right candidate in your candidate bank.

Well, no worries. Teamtailor’s got your back, and you can facilitate Candidate filters to explore your candidate bank in an efficient way 🕵️‍♀️ Let’s dive into it!

When you look at your candidate bank (the Candidate tab, that is), you see all your candidates listed. This is where you have the option of applying filters, to ensure you see the relevant candidates.

Which filters can you apply?

The filters available fall under the following categories:

  • Candidate details (such as name, and phone number)

  • Candidate status (such as connect, referred, internal)

  • Application stage (stage type)

  • Dates (such as connected, applied, removal requested)

  • Rating (rating and rated by)

  • Answers/question

  • Partner results

  • Custom fields

When adding a specific filter, you will be able to choose what type of search you’d like to apply. This means you can include operators such as "contains all/any", "more/less than", or "does not include".

💡 Let’s look into some examples!

Goal: Find all newly connected candidates (that connected less than 30 days ago) that didn’t submit an application yet

For this query, add the combination of these filters:

  • Candidate status: Connected - Yes

  • Candidate status: Applied - No

  • Connected: Less than - 30 days ago

Goal: Find all candidates that mention HTML in their CV

For this query, add the filter:

  • CV text - Includes: HTML

Save filters as segments

After you’ve created the perfect set search filter, you have the option of saving this as a Segment. This means you can create the candidate search you always use, save it and return to it over and over again. This is a time saver and will help you from losing candidates in the big mass. Enjoy!

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