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We have created a smooth and seamless way to collect recommendations from your candidates. In an instant, you can now see the candidate’s references, and whether or not they recommend the candidate, without going through the hassle of contacting them on your own at an early stage. This will create an easy way of knowing who can recommend the candidate, and give you people to contact when you want to know more.

💡 Build on this feature by enabling References, and collecting your candidate’s References directly in Teamtailor.

The candidate will have the optional opportunity to add recommendations once they’ve connected with your company. Let’s take a closer look at this flow:

Your candidate starts by heading into their Connect profile and navigating to the Recommendations widget in the overview.

Here, the candidate has the option to add the people that they want to be recommended by. When they've filled out the information, automatic emails will be sent out to the references.

The reference will then be able to answer yes or no to a simple question: if they want to recommend the candidate as a future colleague or not.

When they click on an answer, their answers will be automatically inserted into the candidate's profile. At the bottom of the candidate profile, you will see this:

Of course, the reference has the option not to participate, and by choosing I don't want to participate their data will not be stored. 

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