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Candidate management
Candidate management

Work with individual candidates in focus

Our candidate cardDiscover our candidate modal
Collect your candidate References directly in TeamtailorLearn how to request a reference for your candidates
Send Job offers to candidatesShare job offers to candidates and get their answer in Teamtailor
Let your candidates self-schedule your meetingsUse our Candidate self schedule feature to make booking meetings more efficient
Let your candidates get personal in their applicationsUse Additional candidate information and allow your candidates to ask themselves questions
Data & privacy center for candidatesGet a better overview of all things related to your candidate's data storage permission and privacy
Customizable columnsSelect what information/which columns to show in your candidate list
Transparent recruitmentAllow your connected candidates to follow along on the progress of their applications
Restricted candidatesMake it possible to restrict access to a candidate, either manually per candidate or automatically with Triggers
Job match scoreGain a better overview of which candidates match the requirements in your ongoing recruitment process.
Application statusGet an overview of what status a candidates application has
Candidate filtersLearn the powerful ways to explore your candidate database by facilitating candidate filters.
ReferralsRefer candidates directly into Teamtailor using the Employee dashboard
Anonymize your candidate profiles in your hiring processAvoid unconscious bias in recruitment with anonymized candidates profiles
Review your candidatesGive your candidates an overall rating.
What candidate data can be accessed by whom?What data in the candidate card belongs to the candidate and what belongs to a job
Add comments on your candidatesUtilize the candidate Comments section to write notes, feedback, and other important information
Job offer approval flowsEnsure that you involve the right users and request their approval on a job offer before sending it to the candidate
Share candidate profilesShare candidate profiles to an external person securely
Delete a candidateDescribing the process of deleting a candidate from the company account
Editing a candidate's cardUpdate the information in your candidate’s profiles
RecommendationsWho can recommend the candidate
Manage your tasks with To-dosStructure your workday more efficiently with our to-do feature
Candidate tagsOrganizing your candidates and make searching for candidates easier
Reject reasonsSelect the reject reason when rejecting candidates
Reject a candidateHow to reject candidates
Privacy statuses for candidates'See the status of your candidate permissions privacy requests and permissions
Add a candidate to another jobManually add a candidate into a new job process
AI feature: Highlight top applicantsEvery time an application lands in your inbox, our AI has already identified and marked which applications are considered top applicants
Save your filtered candidates as segmentsImprove the way of finding candidates in your database by saving your filter search as unique segments.
Custom fieldsCustomize information fields in your candidates profile and your job postings
Merge candidate profilesLearn how to merge, two or more, candidate profiles in to one
Compare your candidatesUse our candidate comparison mode to improve your decision-making and boost efficiency
Sharing page for your new hiresCreate a shareable page that celebrates your hire’s new role, as well as gives an inside look at your company
Evaluate the quality of your hiresUse our Quality of Hire feature to determine whether the recruitment efforts led to the right hire for the job
Print the candidate's profilePrint out the candidate's profile as a hard copy